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United Federation Starfleet

A Worldwide Star Trek Fan Association.......


As Admiral and Commander-in-Chief, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.

United Federation Starfleet, or UFS for short is an International Fan Organization dedicated to our love for Star Trek. UFS started in 2006 as a dream within the realms of Second life...our dream was to realize and bring to life the vision of Gene Roddenberry within a 3D enviroment, but soon realized that the world wide interest demanded a much more flexible option. This brought about UFS as you see it now where we have established a system of local and virtual chapters around the world.

Through these chapters we can experience our Star Trek Fandom in any way possible, be it through Role Play, exchanging Star Trek information with fellow members, writing Star Trek stories, going to conventions or local meetings, talking about Trek-and Club related matters, or simply interacting with fellow fans.

You may have learned about us through this website or other social medias, word of mouth, conventions or even found us in Second Life or other metaverse/multiplayer games. However you found us, we're glad you have decided to check us out and maybe join us so you can enjoy what we have to offer...

Maybe you're interested in joining an online chapter that meets in a metaverse, email or other electronic communications or maybe you find a local chapter in the city where you live more to your liking or you may even decide to start your own chapter......

UFS offers a highly organized and renowed Academy which includes a vast selection of courses. These courses will help you to learn a variety of skills and information that will get you started as a contributing member within United Federation Starfleet but moreso will provide you with many hours of fun.....and best of all......UFS is all FREE.....

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your Starfleet career....Click the "JOIN US" link on top of the page and fill in the application and your set to explore the galaxy.

Don`t let this opportunity to life the Life of a Starfleet Officer pass you by!

Reach for the Stars, and help make the dream possible with UFS, by becomming UF Starfleet STRONG


In Service to the Fleet
Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun
United Federation Starfleet