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by Lucius Wylder
Forum: Admiral's Challenge
Topic: Admiral’s Challenge March 2019 (SPOILERS for DISC)
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Re: Admiral’s Challenge March 2019 (SPOILERS for DISC)

I believe it is a time traveling Michael. If it is a member of the crew, she is the only choice because the shownhas decided that she is the most important person in star trek.....that said. The person in the suit is definitely female based on the curvature of the body and they don't look like Tilly...
by Lucius Wylder
Forum: Marines Commandant
Topic: New XO of TRACOM
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Re: New XO of TRACOM

Thank you both. I look forward to working with Major Delgotti to ensure the Corps is the best trained it can be.

by Lucius Wylder
Forum: Marines Commandant
Topic: New CO TRACOM
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Congratulations Major! OORAH!!
by Lucius Wylder
Forum: Marines Commandant
Topic: Deputy Commandant of UFSMC
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Re: Deputy Commandant of UFSMC

Congratulations Colonel!
by Lucius Wylder
Forum: Office of CompOps
Topic: CompOps Year in Review - 2014
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Re: CompOps Year in Review - 2014

Thank you for everything y'all do. UFS is a smoother running place due to your efforts.
by Lucius Wylder
Forum: Marines Commandant
Topic: A Return to Fundimentals
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Re: A Return to Fundimentals

Welcome back General.

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