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TDRP019: 161101-161109 "Double Oh Zero"

The USS Taylorholic Durant is considered to be the Flagship of the UFS Fleet. We are honoured to have Admiral Mike Calhoun as our former CO and as a current crew member, as well as other luminaries. We support UFSA as much as we can and we provide mentorship to the JOOP & CGSD graduate programs.
We roleplay in-world on a drop-in and scheduled basis. We also add to our history and environment by writing RP Narratives, Mission Logs & Personal Stories for the UFS forum.
Inspired by the ship's namesake, the late Admiral Taylorholic Durant, crew members work to exemplify the behaviour, actions & vision of United Federation Starfleet in everything they do. Our first rule: to be kind to one another. And have fun.
Please note we practice Post Order (P.O.) and One Post in our Roleplays. For further info, contact the C.O.!

Roleplay Times: Sundays 11:15am SLT
Commanding Officer: Poison Toocool
Executive Officer: Evelyn Rieko

Moderators: Greenlantern Excelsior, Poison Toocool, Evelyn Rieko

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Poison Toocool
Command - Vice Admiral
Command - Vice Admiral
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GAMMA SHIFT 161031.5
Location: Sector 011G
Current Mission: Observation of Unknown Comet
Current Speed: Impulse 2.43
Trajectory: 344 Mark 104
Status: Yellow
Communications: Subspace Over 2 Sectors
Long Range Sensors: Intermittent
Short Range Sensors: Operational
Shields: Full Strength
Weapons: Off Line (Use near Comet not recommended)
Transporters: Off Line, Except Cargo Bay Three
Power Allocations: Normal, Priority to Astrometrics
Life Support: Optimal
Training: Drills in Cargo Bay Two.

Concerns and Notations:
- signal from communications buoy weakening. Investigating.
- long range sensors affected by comet proximity.
- current course will take us within 1AU of 00152 Star and system -- suggest course adjustment 278 mark 24 at 161031.9 to avoid travelling between planets and sun.
- warp core diagnostic proceeding, expected completion 161031.73. Full impulse available if needed.
- Senior Staff Breakfast Briefing 161031.0730, Conference 1.
- Medical reports Ensign Olaffub is in labour.

In Service,
Commander Russell Sprout
OOW Gamma

Previous Missions

Quadrant Sector Map

http://www.ufstarfleet.org/wiki/index.p ... Sector_Map

On Comets

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Poison Toocool
Command - Vice Admiral
Command - Vice Admiral
Posts: 4447
Joined: 101129.0657
Duty Post: Commanding Officer
Ship/Station Posted: USS Taylorholic Durant
Grid: SL
Location: Delta Quadrant
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RP Narrative

The shift from Gamma to Delta had occured about an hour before Commodore Poison Toocool stepped forth from her Ready Room. Eyes turned as she entered the bridge.

"Flag on the Bridge!" an enthusiastic young Ensign called. Those who were not involved with steering the vessel obediently lept from their seats.

Toocool did not reply with her customary 'as you were', instead she moved from station to station, performing an impromptu inspection. As they realized what was happening the bridge crew stood at attention next to their console chairs, waiting for her approach. She said nothing as she moved, but her eyes were busy. At last she said, "As you were. Mister Spet, report."

The lanky Ensign turned. "Heading 278 mark 24. We have nearly completed the circumnavigation of system zero zero one five two. Speed impluse 2.61. Subspace communications of all kinds limited until we pass the inhabited planet. There is some evidence of pre-warp technology, Commander Sprout recommended this Sir, pending your approval. Weapons offline. Shields maintained. Yellow alert continues."

"Thank you. Commander Sprout's suggestion is approved. You have the conn," she moved to exit to the main hallway. She chose to take the long way. Walking the decks, seeing the crew passing. Eventually she took the turbolift to Astrometrics. She entered, the swish of the doors the only indication she was there. She could see Lieutenant T'Prain bent over a console.

"Computer, examine graft two five zero, time index 161101.02. Is there a metallic fragment within the area of dust?"

"Working. Dust composition normal: diameter of one micrometre average for particals. This section contains a metallic fragment measuring five micrometres."

"Magnify." The tiny fragment appeared on the screen. "Can you identify its composition?"

"The fragment is made from duranium and titanium alloy."

T'Prain's half Klingon head raised. "Age of fragment?"


Toocool moved forward. T'Prain finally noticed her and made to rise, the Commodore waved her back impatiently. "You've determined this is not a naturally occuring substance?"

The Science Officer nodded.

"Are there more fragments like this?"

"Possibly Sir. The dust tail extends for thousands of kilometers."

"Can you scan for duranium or titanium compounds?"

T'Prain's impassive face turned to the console. "We have issues with our sensors, as you known Sir. We might be able to examine the local area of the tail at least, if we can narrow the beam and boost power to the neutrino imaging scanners."

Toocool frowned. "Make it so. I'll inform Engineering and Operations. Report as soon as you are ready for the neutrino scan."

"Yes Sir. Give me fifteen minutes."

Toocool nodded crisply and left the room. She paused to pass along her orders to Engineering and Operations, and then continued. She had just enough time to drop in at Sick Bay and meet the newest member of the crew. Baby Olaffub was apparently live and well, Toocool could detect the sound of an unhappy infant as she moved down the corridor to Medical.

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Poison Toocool
Command - Vice Admiral
Command - Vice Admiral
Posts: 4447
Joined: 101129.0657
Duty Post: Commanding Officer
Ship/Station Posted: USS Taylorholic Durant
Grid: SL
Location: Delta Quadrant
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RP Log 161103

Poison Toocool enters Sickbay and spies Data at his desk. "Doctor," she says with a nod.

Captain Data Axel smiles: "Commodore, pleasure to see you again."

"Thank you. I trust the new baby is well?" She looks around. "Since sickbay is so quiet, I suppose mother and son have returned to quarters?" She grins.

Axel smiles: "Yes, I let them go to their quarters, easier to relax and calm down."

"And to have some peace," Toocool chuckles. She leans companionably on the door jam. "I understand you were interested in entering the Command and General Staff Development Graduate Program (what a mouthful)?"

"Indeed, that is true. Yes."

Toocool: "I recommend you take it. You will need it in order to be promoted beyond Captain. I will stand as your sponsor. You will need to send in a strong application. I will add my recommendation to it."

"I will work on getting another recommendation letter as well. And write up an application."

"Excellent," Toocool nods, "Are the crew appearing for their routine medicals? If there is anyone who isn't, let me know. Normally that would go to the X.O. but she is away at present."

"I will be looking over that, and see who needs what." The Doctor smiles. "Unusual to be on such an active ship."

"We are a training ship, as you know, we tend to have more turnover of crew, as senior cadets and junior ranks will often leave us after their required tour of duty."

Axel smiles again: "Sounds logical. I will get used to it no doubt. I already like it here very much."

Toocool: "That's good to hear. Especially since this mission is going to keep us from Pinastri for some time." She pauses for a moment. "What is your security clearance?"

"I am level 4, ma'am."

Toocool raises an eyebrow. "Level 4 Alpha, I believe. I hearby raise you to Level 6. As my Chief Medical Officer, you will need that level of clearance. But you are to continue to say, if asked, that you are Level 4. Am I clear?"

"Of course."

Poison Toocool nods. "In checking your records you will find few medical records on me. They are classified. There will be a note that no invasive procedures are permitted under any circumstances."

Axel nods: "Understood. May I ask to get all information that I as a CMO require so I can help when in need?"

"You will receive some data once that security clearance change has gone through," Toocool replied. "Use your security authorization code to access it." She adds, "Should the timetable come around to me in terms of regular routine medicals, you will advise your staff that you and you alone will do what needs to be done."

Axel nods: "Aye, Ma'am. Not a problem at all."

Toocool's golden eyes fix on the Doctor. "It is difficult for me to speak of this. You will understand more when you access the files." She straightens.

Axel: "Not an issue for me, I will take as they come. Easier than to pry for information when it is not needed at this current time." He smiles reassuringly.

"Thank you Doctor." She would never show it, but Toocool felt relieved to have this response. "I will let you get back to duty. I have a meeting in a few minutes."

Axel: "Of course. I hope you have a good day."

"You as well." The Commodore moved silently to the door and left the room.


"Earl Grey, hot," she commands the replicator in her Ready Room. She takes the cup to her desk and sits down with a small sigh. Discussing her.. Self openly with another always left her a little rattled. A musical tone interrupts her thoughts. "Enter," she looks up as the Science Officer came through the door.

Ensign Evelyn Rieko: "Greetings Commodore."

Toocool: "Ah, Ensign, good. Thank you for coming. Take a seat," she gestures.

"Thank you, Sir."

Toocool: "I like to meet with our new officers as time permits. It's been a little while since we left Pinastri, how are you settling in?"

Rieko: "I'm settling in fine, and happy to be here, Sir."

Toocool nods. "I hear from Science Specialist T'Prain that you are doing a good job. That is high praise coming from her. She's a stickler, as you know." T'Prain was an oddity. Half Klingon, half human, but acted and worked as though Vulcan due to her wish to remove the violent tendencies and practices of her people from her life.

Rieko: "I admire the Vulcans and T'Prain also for adopting their culture. It's very... interesting."

"Agreed," the Commodore leans forward. "Science specifically asked to study this comet as it was unknown. Have we come to any determination of how old it might be?" Even though she had seen such things before, Toocool was awed by the tails stretching thousands of kilometers. She glanced out her ready room window, where the odd light drifted by. Solar winds and ion gas... no wonder in history those prewarp civilizations had given the power of the gods to such things when seen from a planet's surface.

Rieko: "Sir, we have not determined the age of the comet yet, we are still analyzing data."

"Understood. It's a bit.. awe-inspiring, to think that rock has been travelling through space for thousands or even millions of years. It makes me feel," she pauses.. "very young, and very insignificant." She looks out the window again for a long moment, her odd golden eyes thoughtful.

"I love the artwork on your walls, Sir."

The Ensign's remark brings Toocool back to the present. "Thank you," she notes the time. "I will let you get back to duty," she rises. "Good to speak with you. I'll be adding you to Delta shift as Bridge Officer for Science, along with your other duties." She smiles gently to the young officer. "I am pleased to have you with us. Dismissed, Ensign."

Rieko: "Thank you, Sir." She smiles back at the Commodore.

Toocool watches as Rieko leaves, then turns to her console to read the latest status reports. Her tea is no longer hot, still she sips it absentmindedly. She sends a message to the Security Chief regarding the CMO's clearance, and a short note to the Delta OOD about Rieko. She wonders how she had come to feel it was important to foster fourth year cadets and junior ranks in their first experiences of duty. Perhaps because...

Her eyes turn again to the window, where the ion tail of the comet undulates mysteriously. Eerie. Her hand tightens on the cup. Moments pass. There is a beep on her console and she turns towards the screen. Hearing the clink of glass she looks down at her desk, amazed to see she has broken the handle of the teacup.

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Ishan Broek
Security - Captain
Security - Captain
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RP Narrative

Private Quarters

Ishan rolled over in bed and groaned. Every joint in his body ached, he was soaked in sweat and his stomach felt like someone had hit him repeatedly in the gut. After all his time in Starfleet he really should have either been inoculated or developed survivor's immunity to all the infectious agents that could hit Bajorans out here, but, the universe kept coming up with new ones. And this one was a killer. He'd been beaten senseless by Cardassians and felt better afterward.

In roughly thirty years in Security he'd been shot, stabbed, clubbed, gassed, poisoned and at least twice left for dead. It would be horribly ironic if the thing to finally take him out was a microscopic flu bug.

The fact that he was in his quarters instead of sickbay meant he was probably going to live, even if living didn't necessarily feel like the best option right now. Ishan cracked an eye and located the hypo that the nurse had left 'just in case' after giving him the latest version of the drug supposed to combat the illness. Obviously, it wasn't working. He jammed the hypo against his neck and then burrowed back under the covers.

He'd barely closed his eyes when an alert from the CO sent him bolting upright far faster than he should have. He was already twitchy about hanging around this darn comet without sufficient eyes and ears, and any message from the CO left him a tad nervous. “Computer, patch all command group messages to my PADD.” he said in barely audible tones. Feeling very sorry for himself he reached across to the side table and picked up his personal PADD and scrolled down to the CO’s message.

Ishan managed to raise a chuckle as he read that the CMO has been given level six clearance now. He wondered to himself, what Axel would make of his newly found knowledge about Toocool. It’s usually enough to raise the eyebrows that’s for sure.

Ishan returned the PADD to the side table and pulled the covers back up around his ears. “Computer, dim lights… alarm call at 1430 hrs”
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