Starfleet established its first colony in the Gamma Quadrant on Astraios Prime (a M-class planet, having a single moon) following a request from the Astraionian civilian government. Having set up the Astraios Colony including a Starfleet Academy, a space station SS Astraios was built in orbit above the planet, to help with its protection and to provide a home-base to the local fleet.

Astraios Colony and SS Astraios are tasked with the mission of ‘broadening horizons’ within the Gamma Quadrant by means of scientific research, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new civilisations and finding friends who will support the Federation vision of ‘Infinite Diversity in Infinite combinations’.

Being the sole Starfleet outpost in the sector presents a number of challenges of its own. Added to which there is the constant threat from those forces who wish to dominate and extract the resources of Astraios Prime. Thus although Starfleet’s mandate is one of peacekeeping, exploration and scientific research, Astraios Colony and SS Astraios are often the only shield between the warmonger and the innocent.

The opportunity for roleplay Missions (which usually take place every Sunday) is enhanced by the various locations available, for example – on the space station SS Astraios; on Astraios Prime, both within the Colony’s many Starfleet Regions and on the rest of the planet (3RD Rock Grid); on a number of NPC vessels, including our flagship the Galaxy-class USS Neil Armstrong; as well as on many alien planets.

In addition to roleplay, UFS Astraios hosts two community events each week, namely “Starfleet Boogie” every Tuesday and “Raktajino Hour” every Saturday, as well as various other community events throughout the year. For more information see

UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios are located on ‘3RD Rock Grid’ a hypergrid enabled Open Sim that is community based. 3RG can be reached from another hypergrid enabled world by imputing the following HG addy: Astraios

Or alternatively by going to

For more information about SS Astraios, feel free to contact the Commanding Officer, Captain Genny7 Markus, in world or by e-mail to genny7markus@gmail.

Likewise for more information about UFS Astraios Colony, feel free to contact the Colony Administrator, Captain David7 Bravin, in world or by e-mail.