Official apology from Mike Calhoun and UFS Command regarding the CopyBot Incident

Greetings Fellow UFS Members,

I am posting here the official apology from myself and UFS Command regarding the Copy Bot Incident and the handling of said Incident the past week. This apology will be placed on the UFS Main Website and distributed through every means of communications UFS has available for everyone to read. Aside from this letter, I have privately apologized to Kira Skytower, Aimee Seller and Sailor Vasiliev.

Release Date: 160323

United Federation Starfleet (UFS) was named recently in a copybotting incident at Tangle Grid. The UFS engineer in question had denied allegations but the evidence could not be refuted. As a result, the UFS engineer tendered his resignation from UFS, which I accepted immediately.

Mistakes and delays occurred during the investigation phase as I place a lot of trust in UFS members and, as a result, was not as expedient as I should have been in addressing this. Also, in the midst of allegations and during the course of the investigation claimants were told that they were not truthful about the allegations, this is incorrect. The allegations are true.

As with any group, we have members who make mistakes and we resolve these mistakes by addressing several factors to include the severity of these mistakes, the frequency of mistakes and whether it was malicious in intent. As Commander-in-Chief, I will not make excuses for this incident which is not only grave and serious but also violates established grid policies as well as standing UFS policies and regulations.

UFS is a group that has some of the most dedicated, engaged and talented people anyone can ask for.

In the interest of quality over quantity we are halting expansion efforts until further notice, we need to get back to basics and I need to revisit what made UFS so great in the first place. It may take time but we will mend the fences and right the wrongs. UFS has also formally pulled out of Tangle Grid to support this, en will no longer be looking for expansion in other open source grids aside from our two successful colonies we have running, thanks to our dedicated people.

Content creators, to include Sailor Vasiliev of Rookery Colony, Aimee Seller and Kira Skytower of Starfleet Renaissance (SFR) have my deepest and sincerest apologies. They were robbed and offended which is unacceptable. Good standing UFS members were also hurt and their honor and integrity damaged, I also apologize to them. But, apologies are not enough.

In the interest of transparency and operational improvement, UFS Command will develop, implement and continuously review the effectiveness of an Anti-CopyBotting Initiative. This will serve to educate builders and all other UFS members on the unethical risks and consequences of copybotting. We will also establish an independent reviewing body to include key members of other supporting groups. This will serve as a safe-guard to help ensure this does not happen again.

UFS has been through a lot but we are a strong and proud group with a long and wonderful history. It will not end today and we will lead the charge to ensure that this travesty never again tarnishes our name and our legacy.

It may take time but we will mend the fences and right the wrongs.

Mike Calhoun

Proud UFS Member

The Enterprise Project

So detailed, so complete, and so very cool. If you haven’t seen this site, then check it out now!


The Enterprise Project is a compilation of schematics and plans for the Enterprise NX-01. Created by Android Monkey Designs, the goal of the project was to create the most definitive and accurate reference for everything related to the technical details of Earth’s first Warp 5 starship. The project includes a deck by deck guide, a separate labeled blue print for each deck, large detailed schematics for major components and auxiliary craft, and technical pages for the engineering of the 22nd Century.


UFS Roleplay Guide

=^= Introduction =^=

Roleplaying is, simply put, acting on a virtual stage. A roleplayer builds a character, gives them a history and personality, and acts out the part of their character. Along with other roleplayers, dramatic scenes, epic battles, and timeless romances can be played out.

Firstly, don’t assume you are the only person who is new to roleplay. Chances are there are quite a few just like you wandering around, looking for an opening to meet new people in the welcome centre. Before you move your avatar anywhere, read all the information that UFS offers. Rules, character sheets, tips, etc. If you are not able to find it, ask a member to find out where it is, usually achievable by just asking someone near you.

=^= Abbreviations =^=
RP – Roleplay
IC – stands for “In Character”
OOC – stands for “Out Of Character”
JC – Joint Chief
UFS – United Federation Starfleet
Noob – Newbie (usually referred to a new member or beginner of a game/RP)

=^= It Is Only A Game =^=

Never take anything said IC personally; never get upset OOC with someone personally; never think anyone is motivated by OOC reasoning. If you are being a git and horrible to others then good, but it is beholden unto YOU to make sure you privately remind them it’s all IC and you bear no OOC feelings of negativity towards them. Failure on either side to communicate is a fault on both sides.

All over hundreds of role-play sims and role-players are able to do this without an issue. If YOU fail to do this then rest assured that you will be reminded of this many times by your fellow players and JC”s. This IS a no brainer! Even total noobs at role-play should be able to get this.

=^= You Cannot Win =^=

Another throw back to several bad role-players – WINNING. No, you cannot – everything in roleplay is designed to tell a story. EVERYTHING. So in all things you are part of the story as a character and you help write it. Your duty is to help make a story that will entertain others.

=^= Other Players Are Your Audience =^=

Please read that line again! Unlike the attitude elsewhere, the other players are NOT your rivals; they are NOT your enemies; they are NOT people ‘who drag you down’ and if you think they are things that get in the way of ‘your great plot’, then you really have not seen the woods for the trees. The other players are your audience. Everything you say and do IC should be done with an audience in mind. Your hope is that they will see what you are doing, interact, and have fun. Hopefully they will be doing the same.

=^= Private Plots =^=

There is NO private plot. Everything has ripples. A small personal plot can always be overheard and you cannot EVER say ‘This is just a plot between us two’. No, that is selfish. Go to selfish places where they allow selfish play to take place if that is what you are looking for. We are a role-playing sim not a collection of egocentric panderers. If you want to do a plot between you and your friend, go elsewhere and do it in a private location. Use of public spaces requires your plot can go public. Sure you can work it so no one is about to see/hear the plot. Sure. Cool. But if someone overhears then they overhear and you HAVE to include that fact into you plans.

=^= The Basics =^=

In our roleplay medium, which has a great deal to do with the written word, the best roleplayers are not necessarily the best writers. But they are always the most expressive and believable. Good and bad roleplay could arguably be a matter of taste. The fact remains though that to be accepted in the roleplay community, you have to follow certain standards and etiquette.

=^= Emoting =^=

Like actors, roleplayers do more than just stand about speaking dialogs. They move their characters, adjust their body language and use nonverbal communication to help tell their stories. In UFS, roleplayers act out these events through emotes. Emotes are texts written that are displayed as actions taken by a character. Typing /me <text> in the chat box will show actions you perform in character rather than words spoken.


/me draws his phaser

Will be displayed on-screen:

Bob Fleetdude draws his phaser

Actions and dialog can be used in the same emote by placing dialog in quotations:


/me nervously averts his gaze downward and says, “Good day, Admiral.”

Will be displayed on-screen:

Bob Fleetdude nervously averts his gaze downward and says, “Good day, Admiral.”

=^= Space Sickness (Also Known As Out Of Character Dialog) =^=

UFS is typical of most roleplay environments, in that the use of double parentheses ((Example)) will denote when you are speaking as yourself rather than as your character. This is known as being “Out of Character” (or abbreviated OOC). Anything without the brackets is generally interpreted as roleplay. Whenever making comments, or speaking to other roleplayers as yourself, rather than as your character, it is important to place your comments in these markers so that the comments will not be mistakenly attributed as roleplay dialog. The best thing of course is to try to reserve OOC comments to IMs. Should you find yourself in a central role to a situation, and need to mention something OOC to the group, then of course use double parenthesis ((Sorry. Bathroom break)) as already mentioned.
An important thing to also remember is that, in RL, our names and our ranks DO NOT float above our heads. Neither do they in a metaverse that UFS plays in. Never greet anyone by name who you have never met before, unless you hear their name mentioned in the conversation or you introduce yourself and get it directly. You can sometimes guess ranks, races, and branches by the look of the person (however with red/yellow shirted individuals that is hard), but unless it is obvious, don’t say that someone is a Captain or an Engineer unless you have learned it to be true. Many turn off their ability to see these tags all together. However we feel there are many clues in a tag and/or titler that can help us role-play better.

=^= Roleplay Is Two-Way =^=

Sure, you can sit by yourself in a dark corner of The Streaking Orion Bar and roleplay alone, but where is the entertainment in that? To truly enjoy it, you need another player. Approach people, involve yourself in group discussions you encounter, stand on the steps and greet everyone. Don’t wait for the roleplay to come to you. Get out of that corner and find it.

=^= Loser! =^=

Not everyone can be the winner in conflict play. Generally when combat occurs, someone has to lose. Can you be that person? Being defeated in roleplay is simply roleplay. It is not a statement about you or your abilities as a person. And, as the saying goes “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” In other words, if you can’t deal with the possibility of defeat, then stay away from the fight. When we bring in RP’s with other groups we simply CANNOT always win, and if we lose, we need to do so gracefully rather than being sour sports. This is a role play world, even if you loose, if the end result is you had a good length of role play due it then in end, you never really lost nor can loose. As Role play is the goal you logged in to achieve, so think of it that way and remember to enjoy yourself while also ensuring that others too are able to enjoy themselves.

=^= Believability =^=

While you may be roleplaying in a community that is predominantly filled with fantasy and advanced technology, you should still keep your roleplay appropriately believable. For instance if I’m locked in a brig and there are guards posted to watch over me, my actions to attempt to escape should be tantamount to what my actions might be in real life. I would consider who is nearby, the condition of the forcefield I’m behind, the room I’m in, whether or not there are any obvious exits, how the person roleplayed who locked me in. Did they enable the forcefield? Did they wink at me? Can I use that to my benefit?

=^= Witnesses =^=

Going back to the “two-way” street description. You cannot roleplay alone. If you perform some miraculous feat, fall down and hurt yourself badly, or manage to escape that brig, make sure someone witnesses it.

=^= Be Creative =^=

Close your eyes for a moment and lose yourself in your character. What would he or she do? How would they respond? What would they think? If someone asks your character to serve aboard their ship or station, would he/she say no? Would they gladly accept? Would they smile and gleefully accept? Don’t be afraid to take that moment to truly live your character. Even if your attempt to reach out and be involved is awkward, it gives a place to start.

=^= Over-Flowering =^=

Don’t litter your roleplay with giant, ten cent words or novellas. Beautiful language is a definite advantage in our medium of roleplay but you can be descriptive and creative without inducing yawns from those playing with you. People roleplay to interact, keep your posts as brief as possible.

=^= Under-Flowering =^=

It can be difficult at times to know what is too much or not enough. While you don’t want to bore other roleplayers with big, extravagant posts, you don’t want to turn them off with “one-hit wonders” either. For example, you have just met an Admiral. He nods to you in greeting. Do you say “Admiral on Deck.”? Or do you take the opportunity to emote – /me takes the time to come to a complete halt, eyes lifted and respectful, and belts out “Admiral on Deck.” As you wait for a reply?

=^= Follow Through =^=

If you start a line of roleplay, finish that line of roleplay. Don’t leave it dangling out there particularly if you have involved others. You may find it useful to prepare a story. Know where you want to start, the general direction you want it to go (there’s no reason to be specific) and how you would like it to end. Then embellish and enhance as it progresses.

=^= Etiquette =^=

Always follow the rules of etiquette for online roleplay. It is the goal of the UFS community to submerse themselves fully into their role. That submersion can be greatly disrupted when very simple rules and common courtesy are not adhered to, a few of these etiquette rules are

* Greet a higher rank than you with Sir/Ma’am or use their rank
* If people are in Uniform they are IC (unless otherwise stated) act accordingly
* Do not call people by thier first names unless either given leave to do so or in an OOC environment

=^= God-Modding =^=

This is pulling amazing powers like invulnerability or the ability to move your ship 10,000 light years or the ability to withstand the heat of a volcano. There are many races in the universe who display fantastic powers well beyond the ability of the primary characters. The most obvious example of this is Q – a collection of beings so far advanced they can move through time and space or wipe out entire civilizations on a whim.

While the Q can be described as ‘God-like’ there are other lesser abilities which we also do not allow in UFS in the interests of game balance – throwing lightning bolts, invulnerability, and telekinesis are all examples of this category. Essentially, we class a ‘super power’ as anything that would give a character an unfair advantage at the expense of the other players. Super powers have a tendency to overshadow everyone else and dominate every situation they’re used in.

Life would get very dull if Security Officer Fleetdude was immune to phasers, for instance, as firefights would lose a lot of their thrill. This is not to say that everyone has to play an identical human – there are many races with telepathic and empathic abilities which are more subtle. Others, like Andorians, Vulcans and Androids, are considerably stronger than the average human and still more have abilities to see infrared or have photographic memories.

If you do have an idea for an out-of-the-ordinary character then contact the Chief of Starfleet Operation’s office to discuss it. A good rule of thumb when designing your character would be to ask yourself “Would I like to play alongside him/her?”. If you can’t honestly answer ‘yes’ then chances are other people would too.

Remember, we live in a balanced universe. Every being has a weakness, every power can be equaled. No one is invulnerable. Every seeming God-like being in the Universe had an exploitable power source which could be damaged. I have always wondered why a being with supreme powers would sit around being a Star Fleet Officer in the first place. Part of the magic of Star Trek, was that it was mostly ordinary people who found themselves in extraordinary situations, and still managed to survive (as long as you did not wear a red shirt of course).

Please try to have a scientific explanation for the things you do or have happen in your stories. Do not suddenly develop the ability to grow a laser beam gun out of your head that blows the bad guys away. That just shows laziness and lack of imagination.

Always be mindful of what your team members are doing or saying and try to fit your story in with their story. If you are constantly dragging the story so you look better, or you get to save the day, the rest of the team will feel unneeded and tend to drift away. The best ships and starbases we have here in UFS work as a team, each contributing, each adding some element to the story. Do not neglect your character, and its development, but do not develop in a way that takes away from others. God-Modding is also when you emote in a way that you take the choice away from the other person. Such as:

/me fires a phaser at the security guard, causing him to fall unconscious

As opposed to:

/me attempts to fire a phaser at the guard, moving silently from around the corner

=^= Metagaming =^=

This is when you have OOC knowledge that you use IC. The chief aim of UFS is to provide a joint experience, to create a story where everyone is able to add input and develop their character. On occasion, however, you may find your character is being overwritten, or pushed into a corner where your responses have already been pre-determined by another player.

Whenever a player takes sole control of the plot this is referred to as ‘power gaming’ or and is very strongly discouraged. While we encourage initiative from all players, UFS has always been about teamwork – it is rare that a single character is responsible for ‘saving the day’ without the aid of their colleagues.

When you are roleplaying you should think of how other characters might respond; Will they agree with you? Would they like to offer their own input, or suggest a different course of action? If there is any doubt, contact the Command Team on your ship/station for guidance – that’s what they’re there for! We firmly believe that your character is yours and yours alone – no other player has the right to direct your thoughts or actions without express permission from you.

=^= Teleporting =^=

Don’t “poof” out in front of people. If you have to leave the roleplay you are in, make your exit posts then walk away from the other players you are involved with before you teleport out. Don’t “poof” in front of people. If someone would like to teleport you to their location, stop to ask first where they are. A sudden, unannounced arrival could interfere greatly with roleplay that may be taking place.

Don’t teleport in reinforcements. If you find yourself in a conflict of some sort and you’re thinking “Gee, I could really use some friends right about now to back me up.” Your best hope they come strolling by on their own. It is extremely bad form to instant message friends to ask for help or to start teleporting them in. In many cases, it’s a quick way to have yourself segregated from the UFS community!

=^= Snowplowing =^=

This is when you stepping into someone’s active RP conversation and overwhelm it with your RP. You plow right through with what YOU want to talk about without regard to what is already going on. Not good.

Everyone gets their time in the spotlight. It does not have to be your time every time. If there is already an active conversation going on or someone’s RP plot, don’t snowplow through it with your own plot.

There are much more subtle ways to introduce your RP thoughts, ideas, plots or conversations. RP conversation, like real life conversation, flows and convolutes and changes. It may start out as a conversation about the transporters on Tranquility Station and end up discussing the latest confrontation with the Hirogen. You never truly know where it is going to end up or what roads it is going to take in between. So if you’ve got something you would like to bring into the conversation, listen to it. Follow the flow. Bring it in carefully where it fits rather than trying to force it on others.

=^= Interrupting =^=

Like in conversation, it is considered rude to interrupt a RP conversation that is going on. Though often role players are more open to others joining in, it is usually wise to try to determine if others are welcome before jumping in.

The simplest and usually fastest way to do this is to send an OOC IM. Something along the lines of “(( I see you are engaged in role play conversation. Is this a private conversation or may others join in? ))” Quite often you’ll find that role players are seeking others to join them. But be prepared for the times when it is a private conversation not open to others.

=^= Abuse – Don’t Do It =^=

Abuse, in any form; mental, physical or emotional will not be tolerated within the UFS organization. We all come from diverse backgrounds and we all have pasts. There is no story line reason to drag up something that will make someone uncomfortable or uneasy. Abuse by Officers of Cadets will result in punishment, including dismissal.  We will not be pursuing any form of abuse RP within UFS.

=^= Manners, Manners, Manners! =^=

In general, role play behavior should mirror real life behaviour. The same rules of manners still apply. Take time to think in these terms and you will find smooth role play laid out in front of you.

Inclusion in role play also takes effort on both parts. Don’t just wander around doing nothing and get upset when you’re not included. You have to try too. Remember, everyone gets their time in the spotlight. It may not be your time at just that moment but it will be eventually. Patience is the key.

=^= Stay Away From Public Disputes =^=

If you disagree with the outcome of roleplay, the method of roleplay or the roleplaying habits of another player, take it to instant messages. Do not, under any circumstances, create a spectacle. Public, out of character squabbles are the true sign of a novice, or bad roleplayer. If no matter what you try to do, you cannot reach a resolution for the dispute you are involved in. What should you do? Call in a Gamemaster, Moderator or Administrator to help resolve it. This is primarily the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations and the Ship/Station Command Staff.

This “feature” is for disputes where a conclusion cannot be reached between the players. This is always someone who is well versed on the rules and can be an unbiased decision maker. Sometimes, we may choose to nullify the line of roleplay from a certain point completely to keep the peace. At other times we may rule in your favor, or the favor of another. Regardless of the outcome, our word is final. Take it and move on!

=^= Excuse Yourself =^=

Is the significant other calling you to dinner? Did one of your kids just spill a glass of juice down your sock? Don’t panic….the roleplay can wait. But as a courtesy, don’t leave the roleplayers hanging either. A brief instant message will suffice explaining your need to run quickly….or even in the midst of roleplay “I hear a beeping sound from my padd as I listen to the message I stride off purposefully to accomplish the task that has just been given to me, turning around to throw a backward wave and a hasty goodbye as a head off.

=^= Be Patient =^=

Because our roleplay is typed, you have to allow for roleplay with those who may not hack away at the keys as fast as you do. Give people an opportunity to respond to your postings. And in many cases, the person or people you are engaged with may not use English as a first language. So often, you have to make allowances for language barriers.

Roleplay is supposed to be a form of escape for you and your fellow players. It is voluntary, consensual, and should never, ever be stressful or full of unwanted drama. Know when to stop and take a step back, breathe, and re-evaluate your role and where you are headed with it. And if all else fails….start over again!

Good Luck and Remember this is supposed to be FUN! If you’re not having fun, something’s not going right.

Gaming: Star Trek NCC-1701 50th Anniversary Edition

For nearly six years, Paul Weston and Brian Murray at the Canadian IT company Gambit Realm have been working on an in-depth, fully-realized interior model of the original Starship Enterprise as the setting for their free new PC game – Star Trek: NCC-1701.

Auxiliary Bridge

Impulse Engineering

Transporter Room

There are a few ways to play the game. When you load up, there is a level selection screen where you can choose from many different missions:

All Decks: An exploration mode, allowing players to go anywhere and do anything aboard the ship. Deck contents load and unload as you move about the ship, using the zones and portals code. It also allows entire ship to be loaded at once, but older computers may have performance issues, so we recommend a decent after-market video card.

Klingon Hunt: A mission where you have to hunt down a squadron of Klingons on the lower decks of the Enterprise.

Red Alert: Players must escort Scotty from the main bridge down to Deck 7 while protecting him from the Klingons who have boarded the saucer section.

Shuttle Flight Training: This was in the demo we released, although it has been updated slightly for this release with a few new surprises. SFT allows you to fly a shuttle through various training exercises, including asteroid target practice, an obstacle course, and combat simulation against Klingon fighters.

Engineering Hull: A limited-level mode, which includes just Decks 15 through 24 – in case a user’s PC can’t run All Decks due to performance issues.

There are also single-deck missions available, so a user can visit just one deck at a time – which is again a good way to get around any performance issues


Beta Download


Star Trek Continues: Episode 5 – Divided We Stand

The fifth episode of Star Trek Continues “Divided We Stand” is now available directly from the website, or on youtube.

When a particularly nasty virulent strain of alien nanites invade the Enterprise’s computers, Kirk and McCoy wind up trapped in a nanite induced coma which sees them stuck in the missle of a realistic recreation of one of the American Civil Wars’ most bloody battles.

USS Sheppard Dry Docking Ceremony

While we reflect upon what made Fleet Captain Marabana’s actions so truly exceptional, we should also remember all that he shares with so many from his officers throughout UFS. So Captain Marabana chose to commit himself completely to this ship; he chose repeatedly to lead his fellow officers with excellence; he chose to test himself against the absolute best, earning the Commanding position of this astounding ship. It is because our officers that make these courageous choices, both in this time and across generations, that we have the chance to excel and grow.  That’s the nature of courage, not being unafraid, but confronting fear and danger and performing in a selfless fashion.  He showed his guts, he showed his training; how he would put it all on the line for his officers.  Today the crew of the USS Sheppard, NCC 74679 was recognized for all their hard work, abilities, and accomplishments, as the ship made it’s way home to Pinastri. I have tremendous respect for this crew in all their hard work and dedication. Today was not only an end to a wonderful adventure for the crew of the USS Sheppard, but a milestone in each of their lives.

Snapshot_006 Snapshot_007 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_010 Snapshot_011 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_013 Snapshot_014 Snapshot_015 Snapshot_016 Snapshot_017 Snapshot_019 Snapshot_020

Star Trek 50th: Merchandise Program

As a part of CBS Consumer Products’ 50th anniversary global merchandising program, they have just announced 32 new licensees to the Star Trek brand.

“This is going to be a landmark year for Star Trek and we are thrilled to have so many new licensing partners on board for fans around the world who love this iconic franchise,”
Liz Kalodner, executive vice president and general manager of CBS Consumer Products.

Apparel and Wearables

Accutime Watch Corporation: watches
Brainstorm: running apparel
Burlee: footwear
Katalyst: apparel and giftware
Logoshirt: apparel
Nimble Solutions: scarves and umbrellas
Planet Replica: watches and home accessories
Rosstamps Confecção e Estamparia Eirelli: apparel
Santex: apparel
SNI Optometric: eyeglasses and accessories
Somerbond: sleepwear
Threadless: t-shirts and socks
Unemployed Philosophers: watches and novelty items

Collectibles and Gift Items

Abysse: giftware
Build-A-Bear Workshop–­50th anniversary collection make-your-own “Star Trek” furry friend with clothing and accessories
Josma Sport: giftware
Roads Innovation: levitating ship collectibles
Sun-Staches: novelty sunglasses
That Company Called If: bookmarks
Titan: vinyl figures
Wish Factory: plush collectibles

Toys and Games

Gale Force Nine: hobby games
FameTek: headphones and Bluetooth speakers
Spin Master: remote control vehicles
Wooden Expressions and The Franklin Mint: co-branded tri-dimensional chess set
USAopoly: board games


Cross Cult: novels
National Geographic: Star Trek Guide to Our Universe book
Price Stern Sloan: Star Trek Mad Libs and Kirk’s Journal


KV&H Verlag: calendars
United States Postal Service: stamps
Thomas Tucker: confectioneries

The USS Sheppard Comes Home.

It is with heavy hearts that we pay tribute and farewell to the USS Sheppard as she makes her way back to Pinastri Colony one final time.

Lieutenant Chez Rainier: =^= USS Sheppard to Pinastri Command. Permission for Docking. =^=

Fleet Captain Kinney Randt: =^= USS Sheppard, you are cleared for docking. USS Veracruz, USS Shogun, USS Maxwell and USS Thunderbird are all lined up in salute. Follow their path. You are clear for bay alpha. Welcome home. =^=

Lieutenant Chez Rainier: =^= Thank you Command proceeding to Bay Alpha, Sheppard out. =^=

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: **The Sheppard missing one fin, the saucer unit missing a large section, and the ship in general held together by sheer will power floats slowly into docking position **

Lieutenant Chez Rainier: : =^= Pinastri Command we are docked safely we will begin disembarking, Sheppard out. =^=

Fleet Captain Kinney Randt: =^= Acknowledged Sheppard. Welcome home. =^=


Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: *signals the whistle*

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Officer’s, Cadets, Ladies, Gentlemen and esteemed Honoured Guests, please welcome home the USS Sheppard and her crew.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Stardate 130706 saw Commander Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana was appointed Commanding Officer of USS Sheppard – NCC-74679 , Intrepid Class. Commodore Rosine Heinkel appointed on that date as Executive Officer.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: The Notable achievements of this crew and their officers include.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: First Contacts – The Oclar, The Guided, The Alliance, The Askans, The Nabraithians.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Ship of the month: March 2385 & September 2385.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Ship of the Year: awarded Stardate: 150830.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Ladies and Gentlebeings, Fleet Captain Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana, Commanding Officer, USS Sheppard.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: Constrained by the Prime Directive we did not cause complete annihilation of the Harvester, however we battled them back giving them pause to rethink and I hope someday maybe we can develop a lasting peace with them.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: These are but a few of our adventures to tell them all would take a short mini-series, but in these travels my crew stood by Rosine and I, supporting our missions to the best of their abilities. But the crew of the Sheppard is more than these few here today.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: Many have heard the Call of the Sheppard some move to more supportive back ground roles some have moved on due to their own calls but I would be amiss not to recognize the great help all of them have aided in the Sheppard.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: People like Teresa Firelight, Tess Tison, Jennifer and Damian Tremmor, Mavric Dean, Kiefer Eales, Arthur, Tizra, Corax, Simone Bones, Jayden, Johathan Seriman, Maddox Underwood, Anesa Tali, Yand Tracer, Alexander Kennedy, Chloe Perric, Collin Nemeth, Loki Koba, Spectre (1 of 9), JR Kirk, Draconius Endersleigh, Laryssia, Johnathan Aries and Aiya.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: I may have missed some people that have come and gone but this story of the last few years was made of many. Though I now leave the chair of Captain of the Sheppard to new adventures I could not have gotten to where I am now. To them I give applause and many heartfelt thanks.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: To the Future Captains of the Sheppard I wish you God’s Speed and the Luck of Saints to calm sailing and a strong firm hand.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: Thank you for listening to my rambling.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff Commodore Commodore Cheryl Skinstad.

Commodore Cheryl Skinstad: May I begin with thanking you for your service on board the USS Sheppard. I would now like to speak a little to you all about the main crew’s individual achievements and thank you for your exemplary record keeping.

Commodore Cheryl Skinstad: Commodore Rosine Heinkel, above all else, has supported the Captain from the start. She has given him encouragement and has been the constant person to seek as a confidant in all the trials and tribulations that it takes to run a ship. She also gave Cordova the support he needed to let go and let someone else take the Helm.

Commodore Cheryl Skinstad: Lieutenant Commander Indy Firelight, who stepped into UFS as a friend and became an officer taking on personal growth as well as growth of an officer. She took on board on all the things that make up the duties of a well-rounded officer. Without her dedication and willingness to be at Cordova’s side on the Sheppard it would not have been half as enjoyable for him. She has come from Ensign of Security to Lt Commander and Chief of Security dealing with all sorts of interesting and challenging people.

Commodore Cheryl Skinstad: Lieutenant Ed Pintens who started the ship from the very beginning, giving support in company and building to taking on the mantle of XO, He has been a great help in every aspect of the growth of the Sheppard over the few years.

Commodore Cheryl Skinstad: Lieutenant Commander WilliamH Greymoon who came later onto the ship with wide eyes and wonder, working to understand us, but stepped into his role as Doctor carrying ideas for mission and ways to use the medical area more in their missions. His insights were invaluable. He was also a great builder helping with several of the ship’s builds.

Commodore Cheryl Skinstad: Lieutenant San Diavolo joined the Sheppard bringing in humor and laughter. She has also developed in areas that were unexpected but she worked through them. She brought with her also knowledge of builds and scripts that made the ship’s missions that bit more enjoyable, helping to make the missions more alive and more interesting over all.

Commodore Cheryl Skinstad: Lieutenant Jim Bomazi has been mostly quiet in his Science corner. However, he has also come up with great Science ideas with ways of flushing out the Aliens, diverse planets or unknown things that the ship came across. He was often the steady words that aided the crew in times of chaos. He also created the crew’s way of scanning items on their missions, creating a script that they could set up, so that when they scanned it then it would give everyone the knowledge they required.

Commodore Cheryl Skinstad: I have just mentioned the main crew, however, I would like to thank all who have served on this prestigious ship, past and present. As we dry dock the ship, and make repairs, I am eagerly awaiting seeing its furtherance in its continuing journey within UFS.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Captain Marabana, Please state your full name and authorization code for transfer of command of the USS Sheppard to Starfleet Command.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana Autherization Code 234875.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Commodore Skindstad, Please state your full name and authorization code to receive command on behalf of UF Starfleet Command of the USS Sheppard.

Commodore Cheryl Skinstad: Commodore Cheryl Skinstad, authorization code 170118

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Transfer Number 8675309 Complete, Commodore Skinstad, you may proceed.

Commodore Cheryl Skinstad: Captain Marabana, I relieve you.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: I am relieved.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Ladies and Gentlemen, A round of applause for the USS Sheppard, her crew and for everything she has done, a huge thank you.

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Fleet Captain Marabana, USS Sheppard, it has been an honour and a privilege.

Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana: Thank you sir..

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow shouts: ATTENTION TO ORDERS!

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: USS Sheppard, you are dismissed, fall out.

San Diavolo shouts: Sir. Yes sir!

Admiral Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: UF Starfleet, Please join us in a final farewell to the USS Sheppard in Club Latinum.

Captain James Killian shouts: ASSEMBLY, DISMISSED!

Admiral Kermie Mistwallow: Thank you USS Sheppard, for the adventures, and the hospitality.

This is Ensign Rebel, signing off..

Fan Films: Pacific 201


This is another fan production wholly funded by a kickstarter project. It is due for release sometime in 2016.

The year is 2200. Four decades have passed since the devastating Romulan War, and while Earth prevailed, mankind was scarred with the memory of its first interstellar war. Now, humanity’s future belongs to the children of those who fought and died those years ago, and they are eager to resume peaceful exploration of the stars. These hopes and dreams ride with the launch of Earth’s newest starship: USS Pacific, NCC-201. But the final frontier is full of untold dangers, and when crisis befalls the Pacific in deep space, it will take a crew of incredible bravery and fortitude to boldly go into the unknown.


This film will focus heavily on the ‘normal’ people in Starfleet, and how they live and work on a starship. The operation of a starship isn’t as easy as calling orders and pushing buttons. “Pacific 201” will focus on the skill and expertise required of every crewmember to complete the mission. It’s not just the bridge crew that handles everything. Hundreds of people need to do their jobs just right.

In this sense, the movie will take on a “documentary” style of filmmaking. While being a dramatic film, the visual style will be as though the film crew is actually there recording the events. And when crisis befalls the Pacific, nobody is any more or less important than another. This is a story about a ship, her crew, and their struggle with the unknown.

Going along with the dramatic focus of the film, the design of the film will be a very utilitarian, functional, and practical one. The ship needs to feel like a place where real people live and work. This philosophy carries over very notably to the design of the ship exterior, which is a little bit of a departure from other “Trek” ships. The Pacific is a rugged, practical machine built for the depths of space.


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Star Trek Beyond: New Release Date

There’s going to be a small delay to Star Trek Beyond’s release date, simply to be able to get space on IMAX screens…

The plan had been to release Star Trek Beyond on July 8th 2016, but the film wouldn’t be able to get space on IMAX screens in the US if it kept to that date. Warner Bros’ upcoming Tarzan film has them all booked up at that time.

Demonstrating the growing power of IMAX to box office, Paramount has thus delayed the release of the new Star Trek movie – in the US at least – to July 22nd.