USS Taylorholic Durant

durantThe USS Taylorholic Durant is considered to be a Flagship of the Fleet. The Commander-in-Chief is our former Commanding Officer and is still a member of our Reserve Crew.

We are proud to carry the name of a beloved UFS officer, Admiral Taylorholic Durant. We try, in our presentation and conduct, to honour her memory.

We roleplay in-world on a drop-in and scheduled basis. We also add to our history and environment by writing RP Narratives, Mission Logs & Personal Stories for the UFS forum.

Our first rule: to be kind to one another. And have fun!

The USS Taylorholic Durant is located in Second Life at Pinastri Colony. We also have a parcel of land called the ‘Durant Annex’ where we have our quarters, condos, shooting gallery, away mission sets, and a lounge for casual OOC hangout.

Scheduled Roleplay Times: Tues 1730, Wed 1130, Sun 1130 SLT
Tai Chi – 1800 Mondays

Commanding Officer: Commodore Poison Toocool
Executive Officer: Commodore Cheryl Skinstad