Space is incredibly vast which makes mapping it a difficult task. In order to simplify the mapping and positions of star systems and spatial phenomena the entire galaxy is divided up into a series of ‘chunks’. UFS is divided up in to sectors that consists of colonies which house ships and stations. See the list below to find out more about the sectors in UFS and follow the links in the menu for more information on each ship of the line found within the ranks of United Federation Starfleet.



Sector 001: Metaverse Chapters
Sectors 02 through 20: Non-Virtual Chapters

Sector 001

Pinastri Colony
Astriaos Colony
SS Pathfinder SS Astriaos
SS Peedy Thor
USS Maxwell
USS Veracruz
USS Sheppard
USS Taylorholic Durant
USS Thunderbird

Sectors 02 to 20

Under Construction