USS Maxwell – “A Grin Without a Cat”

USS Maxwell – “A Grin Without a Cat”

USS Maxwell – “A Grin Without a Cat”
Stardate: 160114
Location: Hapke 848 (Wolf-Rayet)

When we left our intrepid explorers, the away team was banished from the planet and Captain Gerhadsen along with Mr. Auranum has been left behind to learn more about the Great God Za’lith. The crew of the Maxwell wait on board with more than a little trepidation as they closely monitor the Captain’s vitals and comm signal keeping a tight transporter lock on her just in case a rescue is needed. Meanwhile ionic storms start to sweep across the planet making it more and more difficult to maintain contact.

Shortly the Captain contacts the ship letting them know that the makeup used to cover her Nausicaan tattoos is wearing away and that a rescue may soon be in order. Soon an away team is assembled and discreetly beamed back to the surface of the planet to see if a rescue can be arranged. It is soon noted that there is a chamber of sorts beneath the settlement and weird energy readings are being seen there. It is decided that a second away team will go and check out these energy readings while a smaller team is sent to the surface to see if the Captain can be rescued diplomatically. The away teams are sent and then things get weirder and more than a little frightening.

While the first and smaller team attempt relations with the natives, the second team finds themselves in a large cavern with a large and strange device in the middle of the cavern. The crew quickly spreads out and examines the device and to the intense dread of everyone, it is discovered that it is an incubator, an incubator for doomsday weapons. The second away team works quickly to interface with the console controlling the incubator and links it directly to the Maxwell and the starts the upload to the storage banks of the Maxwell herself. It is found that the doomsday weapons number in the tens of thousands and there isn’t much the crew can do, for now, to counter their existence. Luckily the first away teams manages to secure the release of the Captain and Mr. Auranum and eventually everyone makes it back to the Maxwell in one piece, but there is no way the Maxwell can leave, not with 30,000 doomsday machines ready to be hatched and sent to devour the galaxy. What will happen next? Tune in next time and find out!

Ensign Rebel – signing off…..

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