USS Sheppard

SheppardUSS Sheppard
Intrepid Class Starship

Current Mission: Exploration and Ambassador Missions to the different species in the Delta quadrant. We will help to further science and technology for the betterment of the Federation. To protect the interest of the Federation without breaking the protocols set before us in.

Captained by: Fleet Captain Cordova Marabana a veteran captain with a number of years’ experience.

XO: Lt Jim Bomazi new to command but experienced Science Officer.

Second Officer: Commander Indy Firelight experienced Security Officer.

You can contact any of the above or the following to get a tour of the Sheppard.

Lt Commander Williamh Greymoon Chief of Medical
Lt San Diavolo Chief of Security

Sheppard Missions are 1 pm SLT Sundays each week.
We are also open to Observations of our missions.

Thank you for your interest
F-Captain Cordova Marabana