A normal day in space

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a normal day in space
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 110319
*Ended: 110319
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: a normal day in space
*Previous Mission: << the lady
*Next Mission: old age >>
*SIM Concept: Tedra de Arr

Mission Briefing

SD 110318.2230 First officer,

we will tomorrow depart with our guest Jane to escort her to her new home, where an eager population is awaiting her arrival. The Phalelians would like to welcome her into their society and Jane has agreed to settle down there, to the uppermost relief of command. Having a female around tousands of men affected by her pheromons can make some quite nervous.

After her departure we have a very nice mission, we are to examine a newly born star. Cmdr Foxley is quite excited about the prospect.

Mission Summary

SD 110320.0021 First officer,

We are now back on route towards Pinastri. After the initial Alpha shift meeting we readied for departure and as medical was only close to finished with the permanent solution to depress the effects or "pull" of the male crew towards Jane, Jim had confined himself to his quarters.

We arrived at Phalelios in quite reasonable time, as we were all on the edge. I could nearly smell all the male tension between the crew members. Jane was well guarded and so without incident she was transported to the surface. The representative invited us to the welcome party but I declined, no sense of prolonging. We then set course to the newborn star.

Unfortunately our computer didnt think that way. jokingly the crew mused he (now its an he) missed Jane as they did, still under the influence of the ship flooded with pheromons. But as we dropped out of warp and the computer admited it was just his doing, I got Damien (Data had to stay on Pinastri for an engineering summit), to fix it without braking it totally, which I think he is totally capable of. So Damien went to get Jim, who had used Main-Core time for an experiment the day before and therefore could have caused the problem. After shutting down and restarting Beta Core instead, while analysis was running on the alpha core we again went underway. The problem in the end was a simple AI file used for programming comedians for the holodeck. It somehow was misplaced into the main frame not the holographic systems.

After resolving that our busy Cmdr Foxley had to get up immediately, as we had arrived at our destination. A new born star. It was quite a sight.

Jim undertook all the necessary scanning and carthographing processes while we had not much else to do.

We also have had 2 bridge crew members and 5 more officers reporting to sickbay, as the permanent solution medical came up with as a repressior for the pheromons, caused together with the radiation from the sun an alergic reaktion in them. We backed of another 1 mill kilometers, still close enough for our data collection but further away to strengthen the shields, which Reina did a good job of.

computer end log



  • Command
    • Commanding Officer - CMDR Tedra de Arr
    • Executive Officer - CMDR Jim Foxley
  • Security
    • Tactical/Security Officer - LTCMDR Reina Beaumont
  • Medical
    • Medical Officer - LTCMDR Yuzuki Ultsch
    • Medical Officer - LT Flonne Ninetails
    • Medical Officer - ENS William Greymoon
    • Guest Nurse - Petty Officer 3rd Avina Arun
  • Engineering
    • Engineer - LT. Damien Korolev
    • Engineer - ENS Jackray Toocool
  • Science
    • Science Officer - LT Karu Merlin (NPC)
  • Operations
    • Chief of Operations - LT Fred McCellan
    • Helm Officer - LT JG Ashlynn Gravois
    • Communications Officer - ENS Cronus Boxen
  • Guest:
    • as Lady "Jane" Janett Felisimo