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UFSA Logo.png.
Ex Astris, Scientia
UF Starfleet Academy
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
*Founded: 2379
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri Sector
*Homebase: Pinastri
Branch Staff
*Branch Commander: Superintendant Poison Toocool
*Vice Commander: Commandant Rich Lombardia
*Vice Commander: Vice Commandant Aadazriamel Resident
*Yeoman: Yeoman GreenLantern Excelsior
Branch Structure
*Office of the Superintendent of UF Starfleet Academy


The United Federation Starfleet Academy, or UFSA, is the primary training facility for UF Starfleet personnel. New members of UFS are required to take at least one class with the UFS Academy, the Officer Candidate Training School. The time they spend with the Academy is seen by many to be one of the best and most fulfilling experiences UF Starfleet has to offer. Once graduated from the Academy, cadets are eligible to be commissioned as officers or enlisted in UF Starfleet.

UF Starfleet Academy also offers a wide and ever-growing curriculum of classes and fields of studies for the further education of all officers - from Ensigns to Admirals. By completing all of the coursework for a given College an officer can attain a Degree in that field of study. The Academy also awards the "Boothby Award" for certain numbers of taken classes.



Headquarters Staff

United Federation Starfleet Academy
Superintendant R-a2.png Poison Toocool
Commandant UFSA R-o6.png Rich Lombardia
Vice Commandant UFSA Y-o3.png Aadazriamel Resident
Academy Yeoman W-o4.png GreenLantern Excelsior

Academy Support Offices

United Federation Starfleet Academy Support Office Staff
Director of Continuing Education R-a2.png Poison Toocool
Director of Curriculum Development C-o5.png Flip Thatcher
Director of Office of UFSA Awards Y-o1.png Kem Vala
Academy Medical Advisor T-o3.png Emerald Parkin
Academy Scripting Consultant C-o1.png Kes Ellison
Director of Cadet Activities C-o4.png Evelyn Rieko
Academy Chief Administrator W-blank.png Vacant

Academy Degree Program

ADP Staff
ADP Yeoman Y-o1.png Knightspet Resident
Associate Degree Advisor C-o1.png Kes Ellison
Bachelor Degree Advisor C-o4.png Evelyn Rieko
Masters Degree Advisor Y-o1.png Knightspet Resident
Doctorate Degree Advisor R-a2.png Poison Toocool

Cadet Squadrons

UFSA Squad Mentors
Copernicus Squadron R-o4.png Vardasilver Spearsong
Galilei Squadron Y-o1.png 3249Rowena Resident
Halley Squadron Y-o1.png Conrad Starsider
Hubble Squadron Y-o1.png Kem Vala
Kepler Squadron Y-o1.png Kem Vala
Murasaki Squadron R-a2.png Poison Toocool
Cassini Squadron R-a2.png Poison Toocool
Marines Squadron Y-o3.png Aadazriamel Resident



  • Branch of the Month: October 2384
  • Branch of the Month: December 2384


  • Branch of the Month: February 2385
  • Branch of the Month: May 2385
  • Branch of the Month: August 2385



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