Aide de Camp

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The UFS Aide de Camp position is the assistant to a UFSMC Command Officer. He/she assists UFSMC Command in paperwork, communication, personnel matters, and any other assistance UFSMC Command may need in the general running of the Branch.


  • Assisting UFSMC Command in the maintenance of internal roster.
  • Liaison between UFSMC and other UFS Branches and Divisions.
  • Maintain Service Jacket and Branch personnel records for all the members under your command.
    • This includes forum and Wiki work and maintanence.
  • Assist int the monthly Reporting to UF Starfleet Chief of Staff.
    • Including roster, project status, promotion recomendations, and awards and citations recomendations.
  • Participate in Senior Staff meetings
    • Or arrange a representative
  • Assist in the planning and scheduling of Marine Activities such as Drills, Inspections, and Filed Trips to Combat Sites.

Staff Archive

2385 - 100906 to 110318 - Owen Papp