Andromeda Science Research Outpost

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Andromeda Science Research Outpost
  • Commissioned: 2383 on stardate 080706
  • Operational Status: Destroyed 2384 on stardate 090505 by a warp core breach
Design Specifications
  • Type: Science Station
Designed Capacities
Tactical Systems
  • Armament: 2 Type 12 Phasers, 1 Type 9 Phaser and 1 Quantum Torpedo launcher with 5 torpedo's
  • Defenses: 0,5m neutronium ablative armour with energy absorbing capabilities, Metaphasic energy shields
Engineering Specifications
Senior Staff
Ship Patch



Orbital Research Lab and Sensor Array Station "Andromeda", located in orbit around Pinastri Sun at 0.4 AU

Crew Manifest


Construction and Initial Assignment

Technical Data


Power source: 4 Solar arrays with a generation yield of 250 megajoules per minute each.

Power batteries: 2 main batteries with a max. charge of 500 gigajoules each.

Internals: LCARS computers, configurable labs, Lab table and confinement chamber with forcefield. Transporter pad or Stargate.

Shuttlebay: room for 2 shuttles with forcefield.

Sensors: 5 Sensor pallets for multipurpose configuration.

Crew Quarters: Crew deck with bunks, crew mess and sonic shower for max. 4 personnel.



Support Crafts

Dedication Plaque

First Contacts

Missions of SS Andromeda