Asst. Director of Curriculum Development

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The Assistant Director of Curriculum Development is responsible for supporting the Director in the management of new class production, and existing class revisions and all related processes. The position reports to the Director of Curriculum Development.


  • Creation and maintenance of departmental processes and procedures.
  • Processing and preparation of new class materials to predefined standards
  • Processing and preparation of revised class materials to predefined standards
  • Maintanance of all College, School, and Class material on the Wiki.
  • Advising potential and existing authors on class writing
  • Teaching at UFSA
  • Moderating Curriculum Development Forums
  • Attendance of official UFS Academy functions is mandatory!

Staff Archive





These classes must be taken within 30 days of taking the billet

Suggestions (Not Required)



  • Excellent command of written English.
  • Active Academy Instructor
  • Must have passed a good number of classes from a wide range of colleges


  • Authored an Academy class

Minimum Rank

  • Ensign