BP1 a change of mind

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BP1 a change of mind
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 101211
*Ended: ongoing
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: BP1 A change of mind
*Previous Mission: Past Tense =/\= SD 101127 =/\=
*Next Mission: Deshema =/\= SD 101211 =/\=
*SIM Concept: Tedra Llewellyn

Mission Briefing

A message was received from the allied colony of Rowan, notifying us that one of their freighters has passed a federation starship, seemingly out of engery damaged but still mainly in one peace. The freighter did not investigate and so the Menelaus was sent to investigate.

The investigation was now resumed as we received new information from a space trader we saved in an escape pod

Mission Summary

Stardate 101211, Ships Log

Ships logs Stardate 101211 first officer,

While the captain was getting information on the USS Saratoga i stayed on the bridge. Reina behaved well today so she got a bit more access, mostly scanner. We kept the crew while on Away mission on a transporter lock and in regular contact with the away team as much as possible. We lost sensos capacity up to 46% which we could comensate a bit and the communication with the team went down 29%. The lock stayed stable.

The nekrit expanse has quite an influensce as we detected several blind spots, which can not be penetrated by our sensors. that and two ships in waiting kept us on the edge on the bridge while waiting for the away team to return. When the ships approached the station had its weapons ready but luckily for us the away team then just returned and we could get to a save distance. We are now on the way to an L Klass moon where we pick up some Thalmerite

While Enginering will see to that the captain and I will look over the data they aquired and which Data has copied to PaDDs.

computer end log entry

First Officers Log, stardate 101203

Today we had a talk with that space trader. I was right, it was the same who prviously sold us a map. During the conversation whereas the captain was mostly quite and i asked the questions, we found that the trader was not so sure if the ifnormation he traded us was correct. he admited it could be a deception. Therefore we decided to go back to the station in order to receive more information. The trader will remain on board until he healed properly. He will aid us in our new course for a drop down at a as he called them "friendly " station.

Eng Log

First Officers Log, stardate 101204

After the usual meeting, we found out that we had two issues before we could resume our new mission. First get rid of that escape pod, as it was filled with the explosive material Ultritium, and secondly we had a problem with the whole crew not beeing able to rest proberly. Medical determined they slept but didnt fall in REM sleep, therefore no rest was achieved. We found after scanning a device on deck 5 and as normal crew was affected by it (no concentration possible) Data went in to disable it.

Meanwhile we set course to a nearby sun to drop our "parcel" of there. The material was too dangerous to let it fall into the falls hands so we could not leave it and it too dangerous to just shoot it (the explosion would have endangered us too). So we decided the sun could handle it. When we entered the system a scan revealed that it was nto on a major trading route nor that there was any inhabited planet around. We dropped the escape pod into the sun. It was destroyed immediately. Our trader was not too happy but has accepted it.

The device was successfull disabled with the help of Data, Reina and Sarheni and sent to the labs for extensive examinations. We are now in Orbit of Deshema station, like a deja vu. An Away Team was granted Trading access for 24 hours and we now have to find the head of station to see if we can get sensor logs from 2 years ago, slim chance but we have to try.


Ezra Sweet
Tedra de Arr
Fred McCellan
keranku Xorbun
Data Giant
jackray Toocool
Reina Beaumont
LeighAnn Mantis
Ashlynn Gravois
Sarheni Kanto

Quaron Dagger (Playing as Space Trader El'rhil)
Ronin Calayan (Playing as Station Owner/Administrator Vorol Thel)

Ships Status: Operating normally
Current location: Deshema station orbit
Speed: Warp 5
Mission: DSM-N02
Other: None
UFS Defense Conditions: Defstat 4