BP1 of Eggs and detours

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Of Eggs and Detours
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 101024
*Ended: 101120
*Year: 2385
*Aliens: UFS Various
*Forum Thread: Of Eggs and Detours
*Previous Mission: << BP1 a change of plans
*Next Mission: BP1 another Nebula >>
*SIM Concept: Ezra Sweet & Thallanor Rasmuson

Mission Briefing

A change of mission today and the primary reason why Thall and his team have come aboard. UFS command have raised concerns over a spate of findings recently on Y Class planets. This is on a need to know basis alone so I will not be documenting to much detail in my log.

We found another of what we were looking for on a near by Star system, again all the characteristics that had been described by Command where in evidence. A near by populated planet and on a Daemon planet. After briefing my science and medical teams that what they were to study was not to be discussed they set about their tasks. Unfortunately our attempts to study it went south and the specimen exploded. Quarantine procedures where initiated and after a brief time we were able to determine that no threat to the crew was visible. Medical then authorised the removal of Quarantine.

We have set course for the nearest Y Class Planet, hopefully we will have more success this time round. Reports have been sent to UFS Command."

Mission Summary

Stardate 101029, First Officers Log

Captain Sweet is again in a meeting with starfleet. This holoemitter seems to work pretty well, where one projects itself to somewhere to participate an event. The ships runs under normal parameter and we are on route to our next "Egg" target, where we hope to find a whole one this time. Thallanor is thrilled about that.

First Officers log, Stardate 101030

We are now in stationary orbit of a Y Class moon, where Thallanor expects his newest egg. The journey here was not as smooth as predicted, but for some reason that seems to be normal with the old lady. While on route,Captain Asturias checking on her beloved engines, we suddenly dropped out of warp and found ourselves in a field of debris. Left were asteroid sized rocks a small moon (not the one we wanted to go to) and a wormhole. At least that is what it looked like. All a bit in dusty cloud. I ordered helm to back of on impulse as we lost warp capacity.

Engineering found a problem with the warp nacelle caused by the phenomena which was classified as a rupture in space time texture. Lt. Data Giant and Jim Foxley went to investigate and supervise repair works. While we waited we agreed on studying this phenomena, which was not recorded on records before in this sector. As the Wormhole vanished and reappeared we concluded it may have not been around while the last patrol past.

Thallanor and Ashlynn prepared a beacon to travel towards the anomaly looking like a wormhole to give us more sensor data. Chief Engineer Kosmos was trying to analyse the problem with the engineering logs, which did not warn us in forehand. The probe entered the wormhole and ward not heard of again.

But we were hailed a later decrypted message said ".leave now or we...will be forced to...destroy you... ", which striked as odd, as we would not have even stopped if not forced to do so. The message was recorded though and although the beacon was close no origin or not much data could be gathered from it.

When we regained warp 1 a while later we left the area, but not without informing pinastri about this region of space and its dangers. By the time we reached our destination we were back to warp 5. thanks to Kosmos our engineers and mostly the repair crew.

As the planet was quite hazardous to us, we had to modify our space suits in order to accompany the androids Data and Kosmos on the planet. I stayed on the bridge monitoring the shuttle.



  • Command
    • Tedra de Arr
  • Operations
    • Fred McCellan
    • keranku Xorbun
    • Ashlynn Gravois
  • Engineering
    • Data Giant
    • Kosmos Asturias
  • Security
    • Reina Beaumont
  • Science
    • Sarheni Kanto
    • Jim Foxley
  • Guest
    • Thallanor Rasmuson - SS Athena
    • Victoria Moonshadow - SS Athena

Status Report

  • Ships Status: Yellow Alert - Shields up
  • Current location: orbiting unknown Y Class
  • Speed: High Orbit
  • Mission: Of Eggs and Detours
  • Other: None