Branch Commander

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The Branch Commander or Vice-Branch Commander is the commanding officer of a branch. Among several responsibilities, the Branch Commander is responsible for the management of roster, maintenance of promotion records, courses, delegation of activities and reporting to UF Starfleet Chief of Staff

The Branch Commanders are the link between the membership and UFS Command through the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff.

They are responsible for performing several administrative tasks for the most optimized running of each Branch and Division within UFS.


  • Maintenance of internal roster including promotions
  • Creation or supervision of course's creation by UFS Academy
  • Maintainence of Branch/Divisional SL Group
  • Maintain promotion records for all the members under your command
  • Assignment of Senior Projects for UFS Academy
  • Participation in group functions, such as ceremonies
  • Involvement daily activities around the sim facilities (mingling, being available)
  • Staff motivation
  • Monthly Reporting to UFS Operations




  • Introduction to UF Starfleet
  • Protocols and Procedures
  • History of UFS I
  • History of UFS II
  • Introduction to the United Federation of Planets
  • Introduction to UFS Operations
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • UFS Ethics
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Command Protocols: Starship and Starbase Command I
  • Federation Law
  • Prime Directive I
  • Prime Directive II
  • Orders and Directives


  • Bridge Duty Stations

Suggestions (Not Required)

  • Introduction to UFS Communications
  • Communications Officer (if applicable per branch)
  • Helmsman Operations (if applicable per branch)
  • Transporter Certification
  • History of Starships I
  • History of Starships II
  • Operations Officer (to be developed) (if applicable per branch)
  • Groundschool
  • Flight 101
  • Workbee Operations



  • Sim Training - 4hrs minimum


  • Sim Training - 15 hrs minimum

Suggestions (Not Required)


Minimum Time in Service UFS requires a minimum Time in Service of 12 months consecutive active service