Cadet Training Officer

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  • Cadet Training Officers are committed and dedicated officers who organize activities and missions for cadets.


  • Coordinating with various UFS Commands to organize Missions for UFSA Cadets.
  • Coordinating with Cadet Company Commanders to mobilize the Cadet Corp.
  • Coordinating with the Academy Vice-Commandant
  • Plan, Execute, and Report on UFS Academy Missions
  • Reporting Missions on the UFS Forums in the relevant area
  • Attendance of official UFS Academy functions is mandatory!

Becoming a CTO

If you want to become a CTO please fill in this form, read the contents of this page well and the form before you send it in. "Becoming a CTO request form "





These classes must be taken within X number of days of taking the billet

Suggestions (Not Required)




Suggestions (Not Required)

  • None

Minimum Rank


  • Academy