Chief of UF Starfleet Operations

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The Chief of UF Starfleet Operations is one of the most difficult positions to manage. Responsible for a wide variety of subjects this position is considered to be 4th in the Chain of Command, reporting directly to the UFS Commander in Chief.


The Chief of UF Starfleet Operations is a dynamic position. Responsible for keeping abreast of all current information as pertains to the continued progress of United Federation Starfleet within the Delta Quadrant. From threats, to new scientific discoveries, to new species discovered. This position is the one that receives, dissects, and reports on the findings to the Commander in Chief. After doing so, information is shared with the UFS Senior Staff council, consisting of every branch commander. This is done and choices are made based on the expertise shared by the branch commanders. Orders are sent to Station and Starship commanders, who in turn report back with any updated information.

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Chief of UF Starfleet Operations