College of Galactic Sciences

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Science Track.png
College of Galactic Sciences
General Data
*Founded: 2383
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri sector, Delta Quadrant
College Staff
*College Dean: KirstyTamae Resident
*Assistant Dean: vacant
*2nd Assistant Dean: vacant
College Schools
*School of Astro Sciences

College of Galactic Sciences

The College of Galactic Sciences is a unique and intensive degree course offered by UF Starfleet Academy to both cadets and officers alike. The course contains a broad range of classes, covering many scientific specialisms and theories

Once an established curriculum is set it is planned that successful completion of all classes on this course will result in the award of a Diploma in Galactic Sciences.

College Staff

UFSA College of Galactic Sciences
Dean of College of Sciences T-o4.png KirstyTamae Resident
Assistant Dean C-blank.png vacant
Assistant Dean C-blank.png vacant
Director of Astro Sciences C-blank.png vacant
Director of Evolutionary Sciences R-blank.png vacant
Director of Physical Sciences R-blank.png vacant
Director of Social Sciences Y-blank.png vacant
Director of Foundation Sciences R-blank.png vacant
Director of Life Sciences R-blank.png vacant
Director of Technical Sciences R-blank.png vacant