Combat Service Ribbon

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Combat Service Ribbon
Combat Service Ribbon
Awarded by UF Starfleet Command
*Award Type: Ribbon
*Eligibility: Active participation in Ground, air or space combat
*Awarded For: Actively engaged in ground, air or space combat with the enemy
*Combat/Non-Combat: Combat
*Status: Active
*Honor: Lower Honor
*Period: After participation of combat



The Combat Service Ribbon is awarded to those who have actively participated in ground, air or space combat. The Combat Service Ribbon is also awarded to UFS Allies when operating under the control of UF Starfleet Forces.

Addition of award to Service Jacket must be requested by member through the Service Jacket Update Request form after the event for verification before the granting of the award.


The criteria were amended by UF Starfleet Executive Order 0130, dated stardate 091226, to authorize the change of criteria from "For those who are involved in Sim RP's and contribute to overall mission development for United Federation Starfleet" TO "Actively engaged in ground, air or space combat with the enemy"

Notable Recipients