Commandant of the UFSMC

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MOS001 -

Responsible for overall administration of the United Federation Starfleet Marine Corps on a regular basis. Reports to the Commander-in-Chief and among several responsibilities, the Commandant is responsible for the management of roster, maintenance of promotion records, courses, Branch Divisions, reporting to UFS Command, and delegation of any of the said activities.

Staff Archive

2381 - 060416 through 070510 - Kathryn Maxwell

2381 - 070511 through 071001 - Sanstrom Laxness

2382 - 071001 through 080603 - Tig Spijkers

2383 - 080527 through 080701 - Rasim Aeon

2383 - 080717 through XXXXXX - Lothar Bereznyak

2384 - XXXXXX through 100103 - Allen Blatchford

2385 - 100103 through 100420 - Pema Nakamura

2385 - 100822 throught Present - MilesPrower Dagger