Curry Class Carrier

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General Information

The Curry Class was developed in early 2310 using designs from the Excelsior and Miranda class vessels to create a carrier starship for mass transit. The Curry class was designed to carry one fighter wing and its personnel for operations past the support abilities of a starbase. When the Marine Corp suffered cut backs, Starfleet took over full control of these vessels and converted them to shuttle and cargo transports. The Curry lacks a great deal of defense and offensive abilities meaning other ships need to be assigned to protect it. When the Borg attack occurred the Federation wanted the Marines mobilized ASAP so instead of designing a new ship. The curry saw extensive service in the Dominion War with heavy casualties. The Curry has been discontinued as a ship and the remaining ones will be decommissioned at the end of their service lives. At the start of the Dominion War there where 210 Curry Class vessels, at the close there where 96 remaining in service.


Design Statistics


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