DSTM02 A ship so far - Part II

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DSTM02 A ship so far - Part II
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 100424
*Ended: ongoing
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: DSTM02 A ship so far - Part II
*Previous Mission: << DSTM02 A ship so far - Part I
*SIM Concept: Tedra Llewellyn

Mission Briefing

A message was received from the allied colony of Rowan, notifying us that one of their freighters has passed a federation starship, seemingly out of engery damaged but still mainly in one peace. The freighter did not investigate and so the Menelaus was sent to investigate.

Mission Summary

Stardate 100501, Ships Log

SD 100501, Second Officer Tedra de Arr (Llewellyn)

After a carefull analysis and some consideration it was decided to give the away team a go ahead. Lt. tlhepa Gurbux lead the away team over to the ship, while Commander Foxley and myself stayed on the bridge to keep the transporter locks on, monitor the surrounding and keep a communications channel open to the team.

Only the first 2 decks of the ship were accessable and for some reason the dilithium chrystals were removed so the ship did not have an active warp core available. Totally out of power we sent a mobile generator over as per request of engineering.

They found some non starfleet technolgy and were able to salvage a great part of the logs and lots of ships data with the help of a mobile generator. Unfortunately they are heavily encrypted with a non regulation encryption and also partly corrupt.

Operations and engineering working together to restore the database.

Unfortunately we were not able to toe the ship, as a anomaly was detected by Jim and shortly after evacuating the away team the hull of the ship fractured and we had to leave as the anomaly was unstable.

We left a warning beacon in safe distance warning any passing ship of the area. It is my hope that we can find out what happened to the USS Saratoga and her crew as there were no life signs on board and also no cell remains.

computer end log entry


Ship CO: Captain Bogle Richard
Ship acting CO: Lt. Cmdr. Tedra de Arr (Llewellyn)
Communications Officer: Captain Bogle Richard
Helm Officer: Lt. Archangel Daxter
Science Officer: Cmdr. Jim Foxley
Science Officer: Lt. Cmdr Sarheni Kanto
Engineering Officer: lt. JG Damien Korolev
Engineering Officer: Lt. JG Data Giant
acting Security Officer: Lt. Tlhepa Gurbux

Status Report
Location Start:
Status: Condition Green
Damage: None
Casualties/Injured: None