Deshima Station

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(report format under review)

Region Reconnaissance Mission Deshima Station

Location: Deshima ( 40, 96, 2949 ) Class-Y Planet, 12.3 LY from Pinastri

Stardate: 101102

  1. Officers on mission
    1. Lt JessicaClaudia Maynard
    2. Lt(jg) Kazia Ravenheart
    3. Ensign Tennant Hyx
    4. Ensign Josie Sauber
UFS Light Combat uniform, Equipment: Phasers
  • Species

The inhabitants in the area are known as Stargate Command.

  • Planetary surveillance

Deshima Station is a cargo station that is close to an Interstellar nursery and suffers from corrosion due to dust and gas particles. Deshima Station made up of large docking bays located at the top of the station, medium cargo holds around the side, bays for smaller shuttles at the back of the station and ports for star ships on the side of the station. Deshima Station is in the Avalonia system of the Midgar Sector. The system contains the planets of Midway, Caprica Munkie Island, Eternal Calm, Solarian Republic and Astra Porta. The air inside Deshima Station is breathable and simulated to fit a Class -M planet. There are barracks for the duty staff that operation of the station. Deshima Station appears to have a highly advanced security network. There is a control station from the hangars to the station, all personnel entering the station must have a security pass, unauthorized life signs would be detected. The promenade is for visitors and contains a medical bay, supply area for ship, theater, cafeteria, swimming pool and an arcade.

  • Technology on the planet

Rail networks around Deshima Station act like transporters allowing movement throughout the system. No weapons reported. Deshima Station seems to be a warp society.

  • On the trip to Deshima Station the away team came across a Y Class Planet bearing 353, 129. The Y Class Planet had a ship FKS Lorian they are searching for rare quantities of biomemetic gel. There where twelve life signs present on the ship. The INTEL shuttle was beginning to have problems with its cloaking device and forced the away team to cut the mission short and return to UFS Space.

IAD further comments or recommendations

It is recommended that the Station be observed again during the next scheduled EID sweep of the region. It is further recommended that a closer look be taken into the types of species seen at Deshima Station and throughout the Avalonia system. There seems to be a lot of interstellar traffic that needs to be monitored the station could become a security threat to UFS with all the interstellar traffic.

In Service

Ensign Magnum Dubratt