Director of UF Starfleet Marine Academy

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General Description

The Director of UF Starfleet Marine Academy is the Branch Commander of the Marine Academy. They oversee all functions of the Branch with the aid of the Deputy Director of UF Starfleet Marine Academy and the Aide de Camp of UF Starfleet Marine Academy.

Direct Duties

  • Updates the Marine Section of the Academy Online
  • Updates the Alumni Data on the Forum and GDocs
  • Recruits Class Instructors for Marine Academy
  • Recruits Deans for Marine Colleges
  • Updates Classes of the Marine Colleges
  • Distributes class Materials to Instructors
  • Certifies Class Instructors
  • Issues Codes to new Instructors
  • Updates the Class Schedule
  • Special Projects assigned by Marine Command
  • Reports Monthly to the Commandant for MSR Submission
  • Submits PCS Orders for Instructors and Deans
  • Submits Promotion and Awards to UF Starfleet Command

Position Specifics

Staff Archive

2385 100922 through 110209 - MilesPrower Dagger *Acting*

2386 110209 through 110928 - Ash Drezelan