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"Deo Fidem Habemus Ceteris Invigilamus"
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet (UFS)
*Founded: 2379
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri Sector, Delta Quadrant
*Homebase: UFS Corps. of Engineers Headquarters,
Branch Staff
*Branch Commander: Vacant
*Vice Commander: Vacant
*Yeoman: Vacant
Branch Structure
*Station Design and Construction Bureau


The United Federation Starfleet Corps. of Engineers practice the truest form of "behind the scenes" work in Starfleet. You don't always see them, but they are there, making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

These officers and enlisted personnel are the miracle workers of the fleet, we give out lives to the ship and crew; we fight, to hold the ship together long enough to vanquish the enemy, or escape with only enough to get to safety; We are the Engineers of the Fleet. We are the Construction Force; we build the ships and stations which all of Starfleet uses, we program the computers; we are the Corp of Engineers. We pledge our lives and complete sense of self to the ship and crew.

Think you have what it takes to brave the plasma fires of battle damage? Do you have the concentration to repair an EPS and not succumb to megawatts of energy while under fire? Do you want to give yourself over to the need to replace the ships lost in space? Can you handle the constant dangers that construction often presents to those who rise to that challenge? Perhaps you're a Combat Engineer, who is going into face the enemy, plant explosives, and get out with only your life intact? Perhaps you will face the enemy with the torches and tools that are the mark of our trade.

You are an Engineer. Proud. Strong.

There is plenty of room in Engineering for anyone!



  • Branch of the Month: February 2384
  • Branch of the Month: June 2384



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