Foxcushion Resident

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Biographical information Photo
Name: Fox Cushion (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 5th September 2358 (27) NoPhoto.png
Species: Betazoid Place of Birth: Lake Cataria, Betazed
Nationality: United Federation Citizen Ethnic Origin: Lake Cataria, Betazed
Languages: English, German, Croatian Religion: Christian (since 2383, Betzoid religion before conversion)
Physical information
Height: 180 cm Weight: 80 kg
Hair: Black Eyes: Black
Blood type: A+ Medical Restrictions: Asthma bronchiale
Other Important Medical Information: None
Other Identifying marks/Features: None
Maritial Status: Not Specified Spouse None
Children None Mother Elefa Cushion (*2328)
Father Leon Cushion (*2322 +2381) Siblings Lynx Cushion (*2364)
Starfleet Records
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade Position: Unassigned
Current Assignment: None Branch: Medical
Fox Cushion was born on 5. September 2358 in a city at lake Cataria on the Planet Betazed in the Alpha Quadrant of our Galaxy.

He was born to two wonderful caring betazoid parents and became brother to his then 6 years older sister Lynx. His family has the tradition to do two jobs, one science job and one sideline, creative job. So was it with his parents. His father, Leon Cushion, was a medic and a carpenter. During workdays he worked as a medic at the local hospital. In his freetime he worked as a carpenter and created many furnitures himself of the local trees growing around Cataria. Beside that he was a wonderful father, caring and strong minded. He showed many things to the young Fox, like going fishing, or hiking and skiing on the nearby mountains of lake Cataria.

His mother, Elefa Cushion, was a Counselor and worked as such in her own office near the local hospital. Her sideline job was gardener. She worked in our garden, in the garden of her office and everywhere where she was asked to. She had a wide range of knowledge of plants and gardening in general. She would always showed something to Fox and to his older sister Lynx.

Then a change happened. Fox's father got a job offer to work in the federations headquarter in Paris, and he accepted that, when Fox was three years old. That was a shock for the entire Cushion family. But Leon wanted to use this chance and so they moved to the big and loud city of Paris on Earth. The first year was very difficult for all of them, also for Fox's father, to be far away far from his family on Betazoid on this strange and new planet in this huge city where there is no lake and no mountain near, only the cold atlantic ocean.

One year passed and the wounds of the shock of moving far away from beloved home healed as Fox and his family met new people and made new friends. At the end of that year, father Leon heard from a house with land that was free to take at lake Bushko on the western Balkan Peninsula. That place was perfect to stay weekends and during holidays. Lake Bushko was by far much smaller than lake Cataria, but it was similar, and there were also many mountains that Fox would like and the warm adriatic sea wasn't far from there. At lake Bushko the Cushions would almost feel like on Betazed.

Years passed and Fox graduated from a high school in Paris, while his sisters Lynx, who is 6 years older finished a medical college in Paris and a course at a University of Fine Arts. She began working as a Medic in Paris in a local hospital and on saturday evening she would appear in a theatre as an actress.

Fox knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to take life a bit more easy and be more creative. So he subscribed to the University of Fine Arts in Paris and studied music. Years passed and he graduated from there and decided to become a musical writer, composing many songs for many theatres and bands. In his freetime he would play the western african drum called Djembe, the middle eastern drum called Darbuka or Dumbek and the australian Didgeridoo. With that, Fox broke with the family tradition to have a scientific-academy job and a creative one, for that moment. His mother, Elefa showed some understanding for that. His father and his sister didn't entirely. He and his father had many quarrels because of that, but finally his father accepted it.

Then, in the year 2381 when Fox had 22 years, a tragedy occurred that would shake his entire family. Father Leon died in the night of 5th to 6th January. It was completely unforeseen and a immense shock for everybody who knew Leon, leaving the Cushion's traumatized of his sudden death. The doctors find out that his father died of various factors that led to cardiac arrest. His father had a ill lung and was hiding this fact from his family the entire time. Fox inherited one of his father's disease, he developed allergies to dust and pollens and allergic asthma at the age of 12. Fox's family knew that his father had allergies, but nobody knew he had Asthma as well that somewhen developed into COPD.

This incident was like a bad earthquake for the soul of young Fox. But he didn't hesitate to consult a Counselor in Paris to overcome the shock and the pain. Fox's mother couldn't handle Leon's death. She retired from her duties in Paris and moved to lake Bushko for the whole year. Lynx, Fox's sister wasn't able to handle it other than to overload herself with jobs and work.

Near lake Bushko, his mother heard of a place called Medjugorje. It was called a place of peace and worship. She visited that place regularly and finally adopted the local faith. She renounced her own betazoid faith and adopted and accept the christian faith. During that time she talked to Fox and and Lynx about her new faith and Fox liked it immediately and got 'baptized' (that's the ancient form of entering the christian faith) in Medjugorje. His sister Lynx remained sceptical at the beginning and didn't understand why her mother betrayed her betazoid faith and culture. But after some time passed she finally would familiarize herself with that ancient religion and adopted it.

Two years after the death of Leon, mother Elefa finally decided to return to lake Cataria on Betazed. One reason was she didn't want to die on Earth like her deceased husband did. The other reason was also because she missed her Betazoid fellowers and her home. She would eventually open a christian mission on lake Cataria.

Years passed again. In the year 2385 Fox decided he needs to change. He wanted to join the Federation. Joining UFS in the Delta Quadrant seemed for him to be the best opportunity to explore new space and new species. He applied and was finally accepted.

With sadness he said good bye to his mother and his sister promising them he would visit them as often as he can and would finally return to retire on either Earth or Betazed.

In his first year as a freshman he integrated well into the academy. But because of his undisciplined manner he missed one class mandatory to commence. So he had to repeat the first year at the academy... He became angry with himself and since that moment on he became more disciplined and can't await to graduate. From that on he had no problems to graduate.

But it should happen that when he should graduate from sophomore to freshman that the academy made a mistake and oversaw him and didn't commence him immediately. Fox was frustrated about that and fought to get his commencement which he finally got.

At the beginning of his senior year and he couldn't wait to join the Medical Branch.

After Graduating from the Academy he joined the wonderful crew of the new built SS Helmut Kohl. There he finished all his training and became a Medical Officer.

After many interesting months of work and adventures on the SS Helmut Kohl he faced the decision that the Kohl is going to be dissolved. With some sorrow he left the Kohl and accepted the new situation. Now filled with new expectations and he looks forward to join a new team.

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