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Biographical information Photo
Name: Ishan Broek (Male) Date of Birth (Age): April 10th 2343 (40) BroekIshan.jpg
Species: Bajor Place of Birth: Dahkur Province, Bajor
Nationality: Bajora Ethnic Origin: Bajor
Languages: Standard Federation Common (English),Bajor Religion: Bajoran Religion
Physical information
Height: 1.82 m Weight: 89.81 kg
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue
Blood type: O+ Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: Orkett's disease as a child
Other Identifying marks/Features: Slight nose ridges. Tribal tattoos on shoulders. Several scars on his chest, back and legs from his time in the resistance.
Maritial Status: Single Spouse None
Children None Mother Arbon Miya
Father Broek Ferde Siblings Broek Matal and Broek Ilu (Brothers)
Starfleet Records
Rank: Captain Position: Security Officer
Current Assignment: USS Taylorholic Durant Branch: Security
Ishan is of Bajora heritage, and his tale is not for the faint of heart. Born on April 10th 2343, He felt the sting of the Cardassian occupation early in his life. His parents were both farmers according to the d’jarra system. They continued farming when most had abandoned the old caste system, only now they smuggled their crops to the resistance, instead of selling them at the market.

When Ishan was thirteen his father was captured during a Cardassian raid on the cell he supplied, and dragged his body back to the farm after beating him to death. There they beat Ishan for attacking the Cardassian commander after he had raped his mother. Setting the house on fire, they took Ishan to the Batal labor camp, where his mother became one of the Gul’s "comfort women". She committed suicide not long after.

In the camp, he had to learn quickly to fend for himself. The Bajorans often fought over food, and so Ishan learned how to defend his rations, any way he could. Ishan spent four years in the labour camp, until on the morning of June 3rd, 2360, the Ornathia resistance cell launched an operation to liberate the camp. Five Bajoran resistance fighters, disguised as workers, infiltrated the compound. They soon signalled the rest of the forces to begin the attack. They engaged the guards in heavy combat.

Ishan stole a sidearm from a downed Cardassian, and joined the battle. He killed without mercy. After they had finished their mission and taken the former slaves to a safe house, the leader, Lenaris Holem offered Ishan a position in the cell.

Ishan’s first mission in the resistance was a raid on Cardassian weapons factory. In the dead of night, his cell surrounded the facility. Blasting their way in, they set the power systems to over load, and shot the control circuits. Broek then gathered all the explosives he could find, and spread them out at the base of the overloading power storage buffer.

Ishan also participated in the famous raid on Pullock V. Lenaris Holem was given a strike force to steal a trade freighter docked at the space port, and the rest of the cell was ordered to simultaneously disable the Cardassian’s fighter base. Ishan was assigned to Holem’s team.

They were immediately immersed in a violent fight with the Cardassians who were guarding the freighter. The resistance fighters out numbered them ten to one though, and quickly won. Ishan threw a gas canister out the hatch just before they closed it, to prevent them from being followed.

In all, Ishan participated in over sixty engagements with Cardassian soldiers during his tenure in the Bajoran resistance. Once the occupation had ended, he joined the Bajoran Militia and was assigned to the Assault Ship Kai as part of the weapons crew.

He remained in the Militia until 2373. In that year he resigned his commission in light of Bajor’s non-aggression pact with the Dominion. He understood the reasons for Bajor staying neutral, and didn’t hold it against them, but he felt in his heart that he needed to move on.

He soon joined Starfleet Marines as an enlisted grade officer and was posted to Tormon V near the demilitarized zone during the Dominion War. He spent the remainder of the dominion war on that planet as a Tactical officer defending it without relief from Jem’Hadar soldiers.

After the end of the Dominion War, mentally scarred from the years of senseless killing that he had witnessed, Ishan took some shore leave back home on Bajor to get his head straight, and consider his future.

He took the decision to join Starfleet and eventually graduated top of his class after which he was assigned to the Security

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • 070630 - Joined UFS Academy
  • 071201 to 080308 - LOA
  • 080131 - Resigned Commission
  • 080310 - Rejoined UFS Academy
  • 090817 - LOA
  • 091023 - Returned to Active Duty
  • 091130 - Retired
  • 100531 - Returned to Active Duty
  • 100918 - Retired
  • 120730 - Returned to Active Duty
  • Order of Cait, 1st Class: 160827
  • UFS Academy Degree Program - Associates Degree: 180205
  • UFS Academy Degree Program - Bachelors Degree in Xenology: 180324
  • UFS Academy Degree Program - Masters Degree in Xenology: 180728
  • 070810 - Commissioned UFS Officer - Security-Security Division
  • 070812 to 071119: Security-UFS Security Officer
  • 071120 to 080131: Alpha Cadet Company-Alpha Cadet Company XO
  • Transferred to UFS Academy - College Dean - College of Security Sciences-Security Sciences 071217
  • 071225 to 071201: UFSA College Dean, College of Security Sciences-Security Sciences
  • 080308 to 080513: UFSA College Dean, College of Security Sciences-Security Sciences
  • Re-commissioned UFS Officer - UFS Academy - College Dean - College of Security Sciences-Security Sciences 080408
  • Transferred to Operations-Operations Division 080416
  • 080513 to 080613: Operations-UFS Operations Officer
  • Transferred to Command - Command Division 080614
  • 080614 to 091130: UFS Historians Office - UFS Historian
  • 080805 to 080831: Department Head - Temporal Affairs Agency
  • 080901 to 090106: Division Head - Temporal Affairs Agency
  • Transferred to Command-Command Branch 080901
  • 081009 to 090106: Alpha Cadet Company-Alpha Cadet Company CO
  • Transferred to Security-Security Branch 090122
  • 090201 to 090502: Security-Security Chief of Staff
  • 090503 to 090709: Security-Security Officer
  • Transferred to Academy-Academy Branch 090709
  • 090709 to 091102: Academy Professor, Pinastri Colony
  • Transferred to Excalibur Colony 090712
  • 090712 to 091102: UFSA Commandant, Excalibur Colony
  • Transferred to Command-Command Branch 091102
  • 091102 to 091130: Head of Starfleet Operations
  • 100531 to 100918: UF Starfleet Historian & Archivist, Command HQ
  • 100618 to 100918: Curriculum Developement Expert, UFSA (SB)
  • 120911 to 130206 - Director of Public Relations & Marketing
  • 120730 to XXXXXX - Senior Editor, The Delta Communicator
  • 130206 to XXXXXX - UFS Community Manager (Facebook)
  • 121203 to XXXXXX - Director of UFSA Heraldry
  • 130602 to XXXXXX - Security Officer, SS Cassini
  • Chief Security Officer, USS Taylorholic Durant: 160322 - 180719
  • Security Officer, USS Taylorholic Durant: 180719 - Present
Medical History Reprimands
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

Combat Readiness.pngStarbase Assignment.pngMeritorious Service Medal.jpgRed Squad Graduate.pngUFSA Acheivement Ribbon.pngRibbon of Valor.pngRIBBON OF MERIT 2.PNGFirst Contact.pngCrew Recognition.pngGood Conduct.pngLifetime Service Award 1 Year.jpgOCTS RibbonCOCTS RibbonUFSA Excellence Ribbon.pngUFSA Superintendents Award.pngPrestigious Service Award.pngLegion-of-Merit-Red-Ribbon.pngStanding Tall AwardFOCTS RibbonCommand & General Staff Development Graduate Program - School of TertiusCGSD Honorary AwardCore Worlders Campaign Ribbon

  • 080208 - Diploma - College of Security Sciences
  • 080801 - Exemplary Duty - UFS Command
  • 080920 - Red Squad Graduate
  • 080920 - Lifetime Service Award: 1 Year
  • 080920 - Good Conduct
  • 080920 - Crew Recognition
  • 080920 - Distinctive Service
  • 080920 - Ribbon of Merit
  • 080920 - Ribbon of Valor
  • 080920 - Federation Star
  • 090131 - Good Conduct
  • 090131 - Crew Recognition
  • 090131 - First Contact
  • 090131 - Combat Readiness
  • Starbase Assignment: 090131
  • Ribbon of Valor: 090131
  • Federation Star: 090131
  • Meritorious Service: 090131
  • Distinctive Service: 090131
  • Order of the Shining Star: 090131
  • Medal of Honor: 090131
  • UFSA Achievement Ribbon: 090131
  • Citation for Dedication to Duty: 090328
  • Commendation for Prolonged Service: 091024
  • OCTS Ribbon: 120717
  • COCTS Ribbon: 120928
  • UFSA Excellence Ribbon: 130126
  • UFSA Superintendents Award: 130126
  • Prestigious Service Award: 130126
  • Legion of Merit: 130126
  • Standing Tall Award: 160326
  • FOCTS Ribbon: 160406
  • CGSD Tertius Award: 160528
  • CGSD Honorary Award: 160528
  • Core Worlders Campaign Ribbon: 160626
  • Commendation for Dedication and Loyalty: 160730