Kinney Randt

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Biographical information Photo
Name: Kinney Randt (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 2358 June 5th (28) RandtK.png
Species: Human Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Nationality: Human Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: Federation Standard English Religion: None
Physical information
Height: 1.762 m Weight: 86 kg
Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
Blood type: B- Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: None
Other Identifying marks/Features: Slight scar on right leg from run in with Orion Pirates
Maritial Status: Married Spouse Moonprince Rhode
Children None Mother Kathy Gray
Father Alex Randt Siblings Kevin (3 years older) and Amber (4 years younger)
Starfleet Records
Rank: Rear Admiral Position: Commanding Officer, Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
Current Assignment: USS Veracruz Branch: Command
Kinney Randt was born in Boston, Massachusetts, Earth. He joined Starfleet Academy when he turned 18, taking classes in San Francisco. However, at the end of his first year, he resigned from the academy for what was listed only as “personal reasons”. Two years later, he rejoined the academy, but requested and volunteered to attend the newly formed Delta Quadrant branch, commonly known as UFS Academy. His father questioned the decision, asking instead “Are you volunteering to show commitment to Starfleet, or to run from Earth?”

Whichever was the correct answer, it was for the best. In the Delta Quadrant, Kinney found the purpose in life he was missing, rebuilding his life and daring to care for others once again. He joined UFS Academy on stardate 080110, taking classes aboard Athena Station.

It was in one of these classes where he met his future husband, Moonprince Rhode. They ended up taking several classes together, including a few harrowing Bridge Simulator classes where their growing connection made it easier to communicate in a crisis.

Kinney graduated from the Academy on stardate 080226, and was stationed as an operations officer aboard Tranquility Station, called Cascade Station at the time.

Stardate 080820 became one of the best days in Kinney's life, as he and his partner Moonprince Rhode were married in a beautiful ceremony by Admiral Calhoun on the beach of Pinastri.

Kinney served under several CO's, becoming XO himself under Commander Chad Hoorenbeek. Then on stardate 090131, he was promoted to Station CO after Commander Hoorenbeek was promoted to Operations Chief of Staff Hologram.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Joined UF Starfleet Academy: 080110
Medical History Reprimands
  • Classified
  • None
Promotion History Awards

Christopher Pike Medal of ValorUFSA SuperIntendants AwardUFSA Excellence RibbonRibbon of ValorBenjamin Sisko AwardExtended Tour RibbonGold Service AwardFirst Contact RibbonLifetime Service Award - 2 yearsCombat Service Ribbon 4‎Prestigious Service AwardDistinguished Service CrossGrankite Order of TacticsSilver StarEDC Campaign Ribbon Task Force Tolkien Service RibbonSciFi-Convention RibbonTask Force Karakoram Campaign RibbonLegion of HonorJudgement Continues Campaign RibbonFederation StarCore Worlders Campaign RibbonCombat Service RibbonUnited Federation Starfleet Medal of HonorPlatinum Service AwardSciFi-Convention RibbonTask Force Ironforge RibbonLegion of HonorKaruun Campaign RibbonDilithium Service Award