Life Far Out

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Life Far Out
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Aviator -A Missions
*Production number: AVI-RP008
*Initiated: 101101
*Ended: 101106
*Year: 2385
*Forum Thread: Life Far Out
*Previous Mission: The Long Way
*Next Mission: Into the Unknown
*SIM Concept: Markus Tyrellium


“After having dealt with the events that happened only a short while ago, the USS Aviator finds itself in a strange and new solar system, the planets that surround this one single yellow dwarf star are all interesting due to the readings that we are getting from them, however the planet that we are in orbit of and one we have been observing for the past few days is more interesting. The planet listed as PNX101106 is the only planet of the five that has a reverse orbit around its star.”


Computer begin log

Captain’s Mission Log

Stardate: 101106

Location: Roughly 8000 ly Coreward of Pinastri ( Due to system malfunctions this data is not verified)

“I sent an away team to the surface of the 3rd planet that we have been in orbit over in order to get the power source needed to supplement the QSD to get us back to the Pinastri Sector. The away team discovered a city below a city, one looking civil while the other under the city looking damaged, ran down and just in shambles. I originally sent the way team before me and then I later joined with them just before going to the surface.“

“When we emerged from the house or structure that housed the lift from the lower city we could see for the first time the city above which was fairly decent. Scans of the areas suggested as the away team had said that only one person remained in the city. We were unable to determine if this was a warp capable society, however based on the technology that we could see, and the fact that just before my beaming to the surface 2 smaller ships left from this location and warped out of the area shortly after launching may suggest they are warp capable."

“Before we could decide to approach the life form, he approached the away team. He suggested that we go with him back to his home as it was not safe outside at night in the city due to what he best explained as “ghosts”.

“Once we arrived back to his home, he told us that his name is Ther and that he is the last of his people in the city, due to them evacuating from the planet on transport ships, the very ships I saw before beaming to the surface. Ther states that his people are not indigenous to the planet as they have only been there for a short while. Ther states that his home world was destroyed or damaged bad enough to force people to live underground and or flee the planet itself which his colony group did. His biological scans showed that he is a descendant of the Uxali.”

“Ther indicated that his people found a probe that was sent by the federation a long time ago, in that probe was detail information about humans, earth and also technological information. One was being how to make a warp drive. It was the making of the warp drive and an incident with the antimatter that caused a great explosion and damaged nearly everything on the planet, turning from a beautiful M Class planet to a nearly inhabitable planet.”

“The colony on this planet known only as PNX101106 has abandoned the city to find a new place to live as the frequent attacks from a rogue Kazon group continues to cause problems for them. Ther being the last person will set off an anti-matter explosion using two of the power sources we detected which will just about destroy the entire planet. The reason behind this is so that the returning Kazon cannot use the city to live. I provided an alternative solution which is to allow the Aviator to destroy the city; a few quantum torpedoes and the city would be devastated beyond usage for anyone. Ther took the offer, in return for taking him on board the Aviator with us to return him to his transport ship; we were given permission to take the two antimatter devices which will supply the extra boost in power we need to get back to our own sector.”

“Before leaving, Ther indicated that we could go to the last planet in this system which is a good distance away to obtain power crystals as he called it that when introduced into the antimatter pods more than triples the power output, once Ther had left the Aviator, we set course for the last planet in the system just before destroying the city below at Ther’s request. ”

Computer end Log