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Biographical information Photo
Name: Luke Mommsen (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 15th September, 1985. (23) NoPhoto.png
Species: Dragon Place of Birth: Ryuu Shinrin, Dracon III.
Nationality: Western mountain dragon. Ethnic Origin: Small sub species of cave dwellers.
Languages: Standard Federation Common (English)
Physical information
Height: 4' on hind legs. Weight: 65kg (scales aren't light you know!)
Hair: Tuft of yellow on the scalp. Eyes: Unknown
Blood type: Esoteric Ichor. Medical Restrictions: none
Religion: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Other Important Medical Information: Species has wings. Ability to fly.
Other Identifying marks/Features: Green scales, yellow hair, bioluminescent nose and chest plates.
Maritial Status: Unknown Spouse Yes
Children Unknown Mother Tribal Parentage.
Father Tribal Parentage. Siblings Unknown
Starfleet Records
Service Number: SSN0251 Branch: Academy
Rank: Lieutenant Position: Academy
Current Assignment: Unassigned Security Clearance: Level 1
Status: Inactive
Dragons/Dracons are a widely ranged species. They vary as much, if not more than Humans.

I am a small quadruped Dragon, two wings, average sized tail, and have a pretty common trait amoung my race to breath fire. I grew up in my tribe in the mountains of the southern continent of Dracon III. Our race was going through a transition with the younger generation of Dracons greatly influenced by the passing visit of the crew of Voyager. I led a pretty normal life for a Dracon of my time, learning with the rest of my generation, the wonders of the old and lost technology. When Humans returned to our planet, this time in willing exploration and friendship, no longer lost and trying to get home, I was one of the only of my poeple to join starfleet, fascinated by the concept of exploration and problem solving that only a career in starfleet could provide.

Hobbies/ Interests:I like to get dirty. Building and programming, roaming enless mazes of Jeffries tubes, and flying about large cargo holds. You name it I've probably tried it!

Racial Back Story:

Draconians, ancient descendents of the Dragons of Terran myth.

In reality the Dragons over millenia evolved and developed into an advanced and wise race, turning back to the simple life when the wonders of technology were no longer so new and interesting. The Dragons watched the rise and fall of the Dinosaurs, having little interaction with the beasts.

It wasn't until the age of Man that the Dragons took an interest again in the world outside their own. Recognising the potential and danger that Humans represented.

Dragons, being an old and wise race, watched with as little interference as possible as Man evolved. Not until Man began mastering the art of war did the Dragons begin to feel threatened. Their fears were sadly justified as Man began to learn of the existence of Dragons. Man, fearing the Dragons, would strike down without mercy any Dragonkin they could find, stealing the collection of ores and stones that the Dragon's cherished, Man seeing a different kind of value in these collections. It was not long before Man began to treat this as sport, and a way of gaining what they considered wealth.

The Dragons could no longer leave Man to their own whims. They struck back in anger. The larger of their race sometimes levelling entire kingdoms. Man could not accept this as retaliation, but instead as unwarrented and animal like savagery. The Dragons in their secluded ways had fallen to only a small population. With Man now out to hunt and kill them, their numbers continued to fall, until the Dragons considered that perhaps it was time to move on, and leave the planet Terra to the new and younger races. Be it to thrive or to perish from their own destructiveness.

So the Dragons renewed their interest in the old ways, unburying the old technologies and setting to work on a ship that would take them to a new home, somewhere that their race could start again anew, and live in peace.

They travelled for near 200 years, slowly realizing just how lonely the galaxy was. They were an old race, among so many young and developing races. Finally they found the perfect system, in the far reaches of what is now known as the Delta quadrant. Twin star system, five planets, two of them habitable. This system was named Dracon, after one of the most wise and greatest Dragons of Terra that was.

The Dragons settled on the third planet of the Dracon system, resembling so closely the home they left so long ago. Only the eldest of the Dragons still remembered, the younger generations having been born on the journey, and having only known of their home from stories and digital records.

Over the next few millenia, the Dracons readopted their old ways, abandoning their technology again for a peaceful and productive life. The different species broke off once again from the initial colony as their tribes grew, going out into their new world and thriving as they once did in their first home.

Having almost forgotten about their great journey, accounting the tales of their tribe elders as nothing but fables, stories to entertain the young, the Dracons were eventually visited by a race of beings resembling the Terrans of their fairy tales so closely it simply could not have been a coincidence. These Humans were lost, far from their home, and on the exact opposite journey to what the Dragons had made themselves. With the exchange of friendship, the Humans continued on in their return journey.

With this new contact, the younger generations grew restless, no longer happy with their simple and tribal lives, again relearning of their past, and their forgotten technology.

Not too many years later, contact was again made with Humans, but this time they were not lost. In fact, they had come so far in the name of peace and exploration, again offering the old hand of friendship, and the opportunity to join them in their quest.

Tempted were many of the younger Dracons, but willing to leave their home they had known so long they weren't. Only one small Dracon left to join the Humans, with the invitation left open to the rest of the Dracons. So he left promissing to return one day and tell his tribes of his adventures.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Last Roll Call: Feb 2010
  • Failure to Report: 100630
  • 090428 - Transferred to Engineering
  • 090428 to 091221: ASDB Engineer
  • 091221 to 100202: Head of Computer Interface Mechanics - Cybernetic & Computer Specialist, Cascadia
  • 100202 to 100318: Head of R&D
  • 100318 to 100630: Deputy Director of R&D, SS Cascadia
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • Introduction to UFS - 090402
  • Protocols and Procedures - 090402
  • Command Protocols I - 090525
No records on file.  
  • Introduction to Engineering - 090403
  • EPS Technology - 090505
College of Medical Sciences College of Academy Sciences College of Galactic Sciences
No records on file.  
  • Introduction to UFSA - 090410
  • Instructor Training - 090515
  • Introduction to Science - 090406
College of Security Sciences College of Cultural Studies College of History
  • Introduction to Security - 090408
  • The Klingon Empire 101 - 090403
  • History of UFS - 090404
  • History of UFS II - 090416
TRACOM Educational History Weapons Qualifications
No records on file. No Records on file. None.
Promotion History Awards
  • R-c1.png Freshman Cadet
  • R-c2.png Sophomore Cadet
  • R-c3.png Junior Cadet
  • R-c4.png Senior Cadet
  • Y-o1.png Graduated as Ensign from Starfleet Academy: 090428
  • Y-o2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade 090724
  • Y-o3.png Lieutenant 091220
  • Ribbons, Awards & Devices

Blackribbon.pngEngineering Scripter Achievement Award.png
Blackribbon.pngEngineering Proficiency Award.png
Good Conduct.png

  • 090627 - Citation for Exemplary Service
  • 090926 - Scripting Achievement Award
  • 091024 - Good Conduct
  • Engineering Proficiency Award - 091220
  • 091220 - Jeffries Award
  • 100130 - Okuda Award
Medical History Reprimands
No records on file. No records on file.