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Biographical information Photo
Name: Mac Gaelyth (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 12th oct, 2359 (28) 350px
Species: Human (Part Augment) Place of Birth: Strathnaver, Scotland.
Nationality: Scottish Ethnic Origin: White British
Languages: Standard Federation Common (English)
Physical information
Height: 7ft 11 Inches Weight: 258lbs
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Blood type: O POS Medical Restrictions: No Records on File
Religion: No Records on File
Other Important Medical Information: Familial History; Ancestor was an Augment, shows lesser Augmented traits due to genetics.
Other Identifying marks/Features: Long hair
Maritial Status: Single Spouse No Records on File
Children No Records on File Mother No Records on File
Father No Records on File Siblings No Records on File
Starfleet Records
Service Number: SSN0693 Branch: None
Rank: None Position: None
Current Assignment: None Security Clearance: None
Status: Banned
Mac Gaelyth (Clan MacKay) was born to David and Penelope in Cape Wrath, County Sutherland, Scotland in 2360. His parents were both Retired starfleet personnel, His father was a former Security SPO, his mother a former lieutenant commander in the Medical Division's Personel Department.

The Gaelyths are a relatively young offshoot of Clan MacKay, an elder clansman who was a rather impassioned Historian and Archaologist specialising in Gaelic Folklore and history, decided to refer to himself as 'Gaelyth' - of the Gaels, an anglo-gaelic corruption of the word. The Gaelyths took to wearing their hair long and sport tattoos, incorporating some of the older traditions and spiritualities that their ancestor supposedly had. It is presumed that this is the grandson of the Augment responsible for Mac's current 'condition'. David was the first of the family to shy a little further away from their traditionalist upbringings, being the first in Starfleet, where he met his Wife, and transferred some of the fighting skills learned as a child to Starfleet; whereas Penelope was the second daughter of a fairly respected pair of metallurgical scientists that had worked for the Daystrom Institute for some years. An only child, Mac grew remarkably quickly, in both size, and intelligence, teaching himself to read in all of a space of a couple of years. His remarkable growth worried his parents, who, by all accounts were average humans. Doctor's examinations proved that a previously dormant gene from his father's side had become 'active'; this gene being passed on from generation to generation, after his granparents Kenneth and Sadie were given medical checkups to find the source of the gene. The Doctor in question had surmised that this gene was in fact artificial in origin, a holdover from the Eugenics wars. Fortunately the genetics were diluted to a point where Mac did not possess the same baseline common in Eugenics-War era Augments, however, but it did make his rather painful progression into adulthood the more faster. When he was able to pass himself off as someone much older than he was at mid teens, he snuck into some Gymnasiums in order to 'bulk up' - so he would look more like an athelete than what he thought of himself as a genetic abnormality. Due to his rapid growth in physical and intellectual maturity, Mac became increasingly insular, shunned by a number of classmates for being somewhat freakish; he ended up terminating growth at the age of eighteen, measuring a full 7'11". Mac decided to start working in his father's Haulier's firm as a pilot, passing the civilian and commercial flight examinations on the first attempt, despite his near insular nature and nervousness about his own apperance and judgements given by others, working for his father's firm for almost ten years of his life. During the first few, during College, and then University, Mac decided to test on a number of subjects, noting an affinity for Law, and Criminology, the subjects fascinating him, due to his lack of contact with crime living in a rather remote region. he intended on using his significant size, strength, reaction time and intellectual powers to assist the general populace, intending on either joining the local Constabulary or perhaps even Starfleet Security. During his time in university, he came out of hos shell more, meeting individuals more diverse that the near homogenous population of Strathnaver in North West Scotland. A few friends helped him learn self-defence, from Jow Ga Kung fu, mastering Tiger style. Mac Graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an Honours Degree in Law, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology. He also met his other half, Araulya Coronet whilst on travels during his holidays. However, his plans for a Starfleet career were short lived; Due to some suspicious accidents in his father's firm, which later tunred out to be Orion Syndicate interference, Mac decided to stay on as a shuttle pilot, and also co-managed the firm. After a few years of painstaking research, Mac had discovered several instances of criminal involvement with members of his father's staff, and the syndicate; mostly smuggling for the Orion Black Market. he immediately inforemd his father, who took appropariate measures,removing them from his service and informing Starfleet Security of their dealings. Mac then took Management of some of the company during the tough times of looking for more reputable staff, until such a time where he was 'no longer needed'. (In fact the exact words of Mr. Gaelyth snr. was 'Get your oversized arse to the academy boy, before you start going grey and they think you're too old for learnin'.) During this time he met Araulya Coronet, who became fast friends and then more, eventually moving in together and started making plans for the future. Mac took to the Delta quadrant's Academy with this in mind, in order to secure himself a better chance of a career, with Ara coming with him. However... he's since found himself stuck on following the Security Path, which intrigues him to this day, or the Operations and Piloting path, which is a career option he knows all too well. Physical Appearance: Mac Gaelyth is approximately 7 feet 11 inches in height, and is in exceptional shape for someone of his prior, rather sedentary employment, even more so when it is obvious he requires an enormous amount of exercise to adequately keep himself in shape. he is unusual for most Terrans in the way that he has grown his hair out, which is seen as a bit of a tradition amongst some of the MacKay men, particularly the Gaelyths Clan Sept. He wears his hair tied back on duty, but he has complained ofttimes that it irritates him. 'itches the scalp'. personality traits Mac's personality traits are intriguing at times. He's very cautious, very quiet, making decisions about a situation or his new environment. He is prone to suspicion at these times. However, when he does become 'comfortable' with his situaiton, he's immediately a 'different man' - moderately outgoing, friendly, joking, puts his own ideas out - ideas which come out thick and fast in a given situation - which somtimes can be a bit of a downfall, his mind works remarkably quickly and on many levels at once; He's been known to enter what he jokingly refers to as an 'analysis fugue' where he sums up all the pieces of a given situation in a matter of moments, in order to come to a solution. He can be very stuborn, at times as wel, especially when in a disagreement where he has total, unshakeable faith in his response or answer as 'the right one'. If he is unsure, he'll state as much, but if he knows wihtout a shadow of a doubt he is right, he will argue the point relentlessly. This would likely cause him some problems with senior officers, as his own experiences outside of Starfleet are exactly that; outside of starfleet. Despite his ability to adapt and think, it's very hard for him at times to naturally come back to protocol, without great effort on his part, particularly when he has an idea or solution which he wants to persue. he has a passion for knowledge, almost to the point of self-destraction. He does not appear to have any form of attention deficit disorders, however, but instead seems to have an enormous appetite for knowledge. Soemtimes he forgets to eat, or sleep, for anything up to days at a time. He's not a fan of being his size. He dislikes towering above other Humans, or even some Klingons he met on the off chance. He says it makes him feel beliggerant and sluggish, despite his reaction time and reflexes being close to superhuman. He has... soemthing of an inferiority complex due to his nature... he has expressed at times sometimes he feels that he isn't responsible for what he has done in life, but the genetics passed down from that one, unnamed ancestor. Hobbies and interests Mac is a natural pilot, and enjoys flying old civilian craft as well as more modern; claims it makes him feel more 'free and agile' than when he does on the ground. He is a Master of Tiger-Style Jow Ga Kung fu, which he enjoys as a channel and a way to shut his mind off; and has taken to the Tai Chi exercises during saturdays in the Academy as a similar way, something to help him relax with. he's taken up the guitar and is learning to master it. 'without wringing the damn thing's neck within an inch of its life'.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Graduate of Edinburgh University, holds an Honour Degree in Law, and a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology. Nearly 10 years (4 years part time, 5 years, 3 months full time) Experience, Commercial Transport/Flight (Space and Atmospheric), and business organisation/management.
  • Banned 171023
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
College of Medical Sciences College of Academy Sciences College of Galactic Sciences
College of Security Sciences College of Cultural Studies College of History
TRACOM Educational History Weapons Qualifications
  • University of Edinburgh; LL.B (Hons) , BA Criminology
  • Phaser Type II:Expert 110717
  • Phaser Type III Expert:110719
  • TR-116 Expert: 110912
Promotion History Awards

Greyribbon.pngGreyribbon.pngPrestigious Service AwardSilver-Star-Ribbon.pngGreyribbon.pngGreyribbon.png UF Starfleet Extended Tour RibbonUFSA Graduation AwardUFSA The Boothby Award.pngOmega Cross.pngLifetime Service Ribbon 2 yearsCombat Service.png Silver Service AwardExecutive ActionFirst Contact RibbonPicard AwardEDC Campaign RibbonHonor Guard RibbonUF Starfleet Good Conduct Ribbon

UFS Weapons Proficiency
Marksman Sharpshooter Expert
Phaser Type II Expert
Type III Rifle Expert
Medical History Reprimands
  • No Records on File
  • No Records on File