Director of the School of Infantry

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General Description

The Marine Infantry Commander is the Branch Commander of the UF Starfeet Marine Infantry Branch. They oversee all functions of the Branch with the aid of the Deputy Marine Infantry Commander and the Aide de Camp of UF Starfeet Marine Infantry Branch.

Direct Duties

  • Updates the Marine Infantry Roster
  • Submits PCS Orders for Infantry Marines
  • Submits Promotion and Awards recommendations for Infantry Branch
  • Submits monthly reports to the Commandant for the Marine MSR to the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff
  • Maintains accurate roster of Marine Infantry Personnel
  • Liaison with College Director to create and update lecture material for Branch
  • Liaison with Director of UF Starfleet Marine Academy Training to develop and update training regiments for Branch
  • Special Assignments as assigned by Marine Command

Position Specifics

Staff Archive

  • Millenia Infinity - 110209 - Present