Medical Emergency

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Medical Emergency
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 090218
*Ended: 090218
*Year: 2384
*Forum Thread: Medical Emergency
*Previous Mission: << Admiral's Inspection
*Next Mission: Leaving Spacedock >>
*SIM Concept: Ezra Sweet - Tedra Llewellyn

Ships RP

(Summary of events leading to this RP)

Stardate 090212, Tedra is doing guard duty on tranquility, while the Menelaus is still docked. The prisoners escape and while trying to prevent them Tedra and Mystikal4Tunes Lorefield did get injured. Tedra refuses to get to sickbay on tranquility but rather lets an Ensign help her back to the Menelaus, where she sleps 16 hours straight and so misses the inspection.


Ezra Sweet, logs:

I called Tedra today to sickbay to discuss the vanishing materials. She came down in a foul mood and was growling and hissing even more than usual. She wandered off after i showed her locker C, where the items are normally stored, and appearantly she found the items.

I scanned them and they had her fingerprints all over. When asking her and she bent down i saw the pain so i scanned her. I have gotten her file earlier, so the scan was not much of a surprice. Beside 3 fractured rips, barely healed tissue and a bumb a rib had punctured one of her hearts. I immediately ordered a surgery. Grumpy as usual Tedra had to agree.

The patient fell into delta wave sleep at 1540hours, the surgery took 45 min. The patient was ordered rest and also regular checkups and light duty for 36 hours. Internal sensors showed that she went to bed as ordered.

Stardate 090218 Ships logs

Medical Emergency