Mendari security drones

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Mendari security drones patrol the hulls and interiors of their ships and space stations.

Drone Specs

Lowest speed recorded: 10 meters per seconds Fastest speed recorded: 157 meters per seconds

Total power output: 2505 Terawats of power (enough to interfere with combadge communications) 6 unidirectional phaser arrays of 5 megajoule/second capacity (almost 5 times more powerful then a Type 3 phaser rifle) 1 multi vector phaser array of 5 megajoule/second capacity (located on top of the drone) 3 unidirectional shield emitters (only 1 of them can be used at a time due to power output capacity) Propulsion: Powerful magnets spread over the surface seem to either attract or repeal the drone on the surface of the ships A power computer core suggests that it is directed by an AI instead of a remote control Simple duranium hull

Shape: Cylinder with a cone on top and a hald-spere at the bottom Height: 10 meters Diameter: 2 meters

Artificial Intelligence

The Mendari security drones appear to be controlled by an artificial intelligence which can adapt to situations and react accordingly. Sometimes they are able to adapt to certain attacks or methods and can successfully immunize them. This is similar to the Borg's ability to adapt, but it is slower and less efficient.