Office of the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff

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Office of the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff
General Data
*Branch: Command
*Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
*Founded: 2384
*Status: Active
*Location: Alpha Quadrant, Sol Sector
*Homebase: Starfleet Command Headquarters
Division Staff
*Division Head: Piper John
*Vice Division Head: Teresa Firelight
*Chief of Staff: Vacant
Division Structure
*Office of Personnel


The UF Starfleet Chief of Staff is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and is a high ranking position within United Federation Starfleet. The UF Starfleet Chief of Staff is charged the upkeep and maintenance of all UF Starfleet Members information as well as Member issues and concerns. The Office of the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff is considered to be 3rd in line in the Chain of Command.

The UF Starfleet Chief of Staff can be contacted by emailing or alternatively you can contact them via the Database, the Forum or any other know means of communications. They will try to answer all questions, queries and concerns within a reasonable amount of time but be sure to check whether the information you require is not already available to you in one of the many Manuals or the FAQ section of the Database.


The UF Starfleet Chief of Staff is a position that is responsible for the keeping abreast of all current information that ensures to the continued progress and survival of United Federation Starfleet within it's sphere of operations. The Chief Oversees and coordinates most if not all administrative duties in UFS and is responsible for all personnel related issues such as, but not limited to: Transfers, Promotions, Recruiting and Member information Upkeep.



Office of the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff
UF Starfleet Chief of Staff T-a1.png Piper John
Chief of Staff to the UF Starfleet CoS R-blank.png Vacant
UF Starfleet Vice Chief of Staff R-o7.png Teresa Firelight
Director UF Starfleet Personnel C-o7.png Nabuleone Rhode
Director Promotions & Awards T-o4.png Selenmoira Resident
Director UF Starfleet Membership Orientation T-o6.png Data Axel
Office of Recruitment & Retention R-blank.png Vacant
Advanced Starship Design Bureau Y-o4.png Data Giant
Office of Fleet Operations Y-o6.png Dean Taselian

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