Optical Reflections Part II

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Optical Reflections Part I
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 110219
*Ended: 110226
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Optical Reflection Part I and II
*Previous Mission: << Optical Reflections Part I
*Next Mission: USS Yashikoba >>
*SIM Concept: Tedra de Arr

Mission Briefing

Ships log acting commanding officer Ezra Sweet

=/\= Warning logfile corrupt, attempting reload from secondary database =/\=

Mission Summary

tricorder log acting commanding officer Tedra de Arr

We are now a full week on that Neg'Var klingon ship. The bridge was found and also determined that the food was not contaminated but eatable. The away team did not quite like the klingon food and bewerage. I didnt mind too much, although after a week on this ship I am totally ready to get back. So far we have not found a way to get back, but we determined that we are stranded in a different alternative reality or universe whatever you want to call it.

We disposed of all the dead bodies, whatever sickness they had it was deadly. I am unfortuantley the only klingon (even if half) on board and therfore it is affecting me already, but so far even the doctor has not found out about it. Why the klingons died is anybodies guess, probably on that flu thing. I did however sing a song for them all, to guide their spirits to the otherworld.

Finally today we managed to get into the computer systems. Quite a challenge myself, Data and LeighAnn Mantis undertook, as only us were able to read klingon language at all. One reason I always try to have an androit on the away mission is such situations. They do have an enormous database kinda portable easy to access. We found out, that the ships had used an experimental cloaking devise, which had causes the rift. With the help of a boje Jim had sent ( no idea how they did it) we received (as we do not have had a science officer ourselfs) the instructions on how to repeat the action. I have no idea how they knew, but i didnt ask either.

Unfortunatley the experimental prototype was burned out, but by fusing the metal from the warp core with the verterium cortenide from the warp coils we were able to place the resulting alloy that we could place into the experimental cloaking device, reactivating it in the process. As the ship was now immobile (we had to dismantle parts of the warpcore after all), we used the stored BoP to get back through the rift, only to find out that the Menelaus had been ordered back to Pinastri. I would have thought after that probe, they stayed on longer.

We requested a rendevous point and were picked up by the ship later on. All of us were placed in quarantaine as we hall had that klingon flu, me worse then the others.



  • Command
    • Commanding Officer - CMDR Tedra de Arr
    • Executive Officer - CMDR Jim Foxley
  • Security
    • Tactical/Security Officer - LTCMDR Reina Beaumont
    • Tactical/Security Officer - Lt. JG Jonas Odgen
  • Medical
    • Medical Officer - Ensign WilliamH Greymoon
  • Engineering
    • Assistant Chief Engineer - LT Data Giant
    • Engineer - ENS Jackray Toocool
  • Science
    • Acting Science Officer - LT Damien Korolev
  • Operations
    • Chief of Operations - LT Fred McCellan
    • Helm Officer - ENS Keranku Xorbun
    • Helm Officer - LT JG Ashlynn Gravois
    • Communications Officer - LT LeighAnn Mantis

Away Team:

1) Commander Llewellyn (leaving Commander Foxley in charge of the USS Menelaus)

2) Lt. Data Giant,

3) Lt-Jg Ogden,

4) Ensign WilliamH Greymoon,

5) Lt-Jg LeighAnn Mantis, comm

6) Ensign Ashlynn Arliss Gravois,