Picking Up the Pieces

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Picking Up The Pieces
General Data
*SIM Type: SS Tranquility Missions
*Production number: TRANQ-RP118
*Initiated: 110706 ((IC 110630))
*Ended: 110706 ((IC 110630))
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Picking Up The Pieces
*Previous Mission: A Blast From The Past
*Next Mission: Tricks End
*SIM Concept: Kinney Randt
*Historian: Tess Tison

The crew of SS Tranquility attempts to restore order after the sabotage bombings.



Stardate: 110630

Location: SS Tranquility, Approximately 15 minutes by shuttle from Pinastri

Alert Status: Yellow

Repairs are underway to the station, and our search for the shuttle seen on sensors right before the explosions is intensifying. Security has little evidence so far, but we're all pretty confident of the message sent by Orion's Sword to Tranquility. We stung them, and they want to sting us back. Getting back the USS Magwitch was not optional, but to lose 5 crew members is still a high price. For the record, the following officers were killed in the explosions:

LT Brian Thompson. JAG

LT Mark Phelps, JAG

LT (jg)Ted Rumpakis, Supply

LT(jg)Kelly Paulson, Yeoman

Ensign Preva Feldshuh, Astrophysics

I hate writing these letters, it brings back too many memories of other losses. Regardless, it needs to be done.

Between security and science, we should have the evidence needed. I'm asking the ops team to also send out a copy of our sensor information on the shuttle to the fleet so the ships in range can keep an eye out.

With luck, we'll catch them before we lose anyone else.


Investigations revealed that the sabotage was a form of “revenge” from the Orion Syndicate because the SS Tranquility crew recovered the stolen USS Magwitch and destroyed their Klingon battle cruiser. Investigations also revealed that a shuttle craft (assumed to be carrying the saboteurs) left Tranquility almost immediately after the explosions.

The station was on lockdown and all traffic diverted to other stations. However Tranquility received an emergency hail from a freighter named Trick's End. They had been attacked and damaged by the fleeing shuttle craft. The attack damaged the freighter's ability to steer or to control the speed of their craft, and they were on a collision route with the station at warp 7. Engineering, security and operations worked together to resolve this emergency. Tactical took a lock on on their propulsion system in case they had to knock it out to slow the ship. Several runabouts were launched to attempt to form a tractor net to slow the runaway freighter. Engineering opened a comm link to work with the freighter's engineer in trying to restore the steering mechanism.

In the end, they were able to contain the freighter and get it docked safely.


Crew Manifest