Prologue - Galaxy of the USS Nimitz

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The Khitomer Accords are still brand new and untested. None of the sides are sure the other will actually live up to the agreement. This is a critical point in Federation and Starfleet History. In the late 24th Century there is a large argument that Starfleet lost its way and stopped being an exploratory organization. It is at this time may of the critics say Starfleet took those first steps. Following the shocking exposure of the Cartwright Conspiracy President Ra-ghoratreii’s already strained political support was all but broken. A great many Starfleet Officers retired or resigned after the exposure leaving several power vacuums including Admiral William Smillie’s position of Command in Chief, Starfleet. President Ra-ghoratreii tried with all of his remaining power to have Admiral Stovak appointed to the post, knowing Stovak would support the Accords fully as well as support him. His fight was lost when the Federation Council appointed, with a near unanimous vote, Admiral John “Blackjack” Harriman. The President was devastated and spent the rest of his term being all but ignored by Starfleet and its new Commander in Chief. Following the directives laid out by the Federation Council, Admiral Harriman set about to demobilize and reduce Starfleet, or so they thought.

Admiral Harriman spent his entire career in the center seat, he was a man of action and outstanding strategic and tactical abilities. With the Federation Security Council all but under his control he created and put into effect Starfleet Executive Order 285, known today as the Blackjack Plan. This plan was to, on paper reorganize Starfleet and drastically reduce its size in accordance with the new peace between the Federation and Klingon Empire. But Blackjack was the authority on Starfleet, he knew its ins and outs better than anyone alive and put those skills great use. On paper he gutted Starfleet but in actual effect he expanded Starfleet and made it more powerful and deadly than ever before.

Starfleet Executive Order 285

TO:All Commands, All Personnel
ORDERS: In accordance with the new directives of the Federation Council the Starfleet will be reorganized and retasked. There will be a large scale reduction in our standing forces and changing of orders for nearly all ships. See all attached files and sections for specifics.

Ship Depots and Mothball Fleet

In accordance with Federation Directives regarding Starfleet's standing forces all vessels assigned to Euriptus V, Sigma II, and Gladis IV, with a few exceptions, will be stricken from the Starfleet Lists and scrapped unless requested by select Federation Sources. Since a great deal of these vessels could have historic value the Federation Historic Society will being detailed studies on all ships to decide if any are needed of preservation. A list of all ships will be sent to all Member worlds and be allowed to request ships for museums, training vessels, or other assorted purposes. All of these organizations will be given a strict time frame to complete their studies and file all requests with Starfleet Operations. All three facilities will also be decommissioned and scrapped with the exception of materials needed to open a new combined facility at Ratan VI. Ratan VI will allow for more area then all three of the previous depots combined and reduce costs by eighty percent. The vast majority of ships are too old to be reconditioned to return to the fleet as it is today, consisting of Daedalus, Bonaventure, NX, DY, Neptune, Emmette, Intrepid, Hermes, and Saladin Classes. There are also a wide range of transports, freighters, supports, prototypes, testbeds and a number of ships still bearing registry to the Coalition of Planets, the organization predating the Federation. This will drastically reduce our fleet size, cutting nearly fifty percent of the standing fleet. The exceptions to this striking are as follows:

  • NCC-1702 - USS Pegasus - Constitution Class
  • NCC-1647 - USS Farragut - Constitution Class
  • NCC-1657 - USS Potemkin - Constitution Class
  • NCC-1664 - USS Excalibur - Constitution Class
  • NCC-1700 - USS Constitution - Constitution Class
  • NCC-1833 - USS Nautilus - Miranda Class
  • NCC-1867 - USS Saratoga - Miranda Class
  • NCC-1924 - USS Sitak - Miranda Classes

These vessels were decommissioned when mandatory upgrades were needed, those upgrades are now approved and these vessels will be transported to Utopia Planitia to receive upgrades and rejoin the fleet.

Standing Fleet Decommissions

There are also very old ships within the fleet that need either upgrades or to be decommissioned themselves. This list will be draw up in good order with conjunction between Starfleet Operations and Starfleet Engineering deciding what ships can have their service life lengthened enough to warrant the resources to upgrade them and which have finished their service.

Starbase and Support Facilities

To further reduce operation costs at least thirty percent of the current installations used by Starfleet will be decommissioned. A vast majority of them will be on the Federation/Klingon Boarder as well as facilities deeper within the Federation. These facilities help strengthen Starfleet's supply train but also weaken Starfleet tactically because stationary facilities require defense which draws ships away from other duties. Starships are going to become more self sufficient as they were years ago.

Starfleet Reorganization

Over the decades we have changed a great deal and grown greatly. In order to better administrate Starfleet and streamline operations there will be a massive reorganization of the Fleet. The Federation Starfleet will be broken from one massive fleet with sector commands into ten fleets, each assigned to a specific area and duty. Ships will be switched from Fleet to Fleet depending on duty.

  • 1st Fleet - Defense of Earth and surrounding sectors.
  • 2nd Fleet - Defense of Vulcan and surrounding sectors
  • 3rd Fleet - Defense of Andor and surrounding sectors
  • 4th Fleet - Defense of Cait and surrounding sectors
  • 5th Fleet - Stationed on Romulan Neutral Zone
  • 6th Fleet - Stationed on Klingon Neural Zone
  • 7th Fleet - Exploration Fleet
  • 8th Fleet - Response Fleet - Rapid response to threats.
  • 9th Fleet - Response Fleet - Rapid response to threats.
  • 10 Fleet - Auxiliary Fleet - Medical Ships, Combat Support Tenders and other Support vessels. A Task Force will be established within the 10th Fleet will be comprised of training vessels for Starfleet Academy and other training institutions.

Starfleet Command will also be reorganized to suit this new structure.

  • The Commander in Chief will remain as head of all Starfleet Assets.
  • The Commander, Starfleet will be re-tasked from direct from direct fleet command to operational and administrative command of the Fleet Commanders as well as second in command of Starfleet.
  • The Chief of Starfleet Operations will be third in command and have administrative and operational command of all Starfleet Divisions.

Communication from Admiral Harriman to Select Members of Federation Security Council

The loophole about the Federations Directives is how open ended they are. They call for a reduction of forces and redistribution of the fleet, but they give no specifics. For example I have gotten approval for all current and planned starships to continue construction as long as I overall reduce the fleet by 30 percent. This is the easiest order to follow because the mothball fleet stationed at Euriptus V, Sigma II, and Gladis IV are all still listed as Starfleet Ships. I will have them all stricken from the lists and allow organizations such as the Federation Historic Society and member worlds to claim them. They are all ships at least 30 years old that have need of overhaul to put back into the line, there are ships from the Daedalus class, Neptune Class, NX class in this fleet, some ships predate the Federation. Striking this ships will cut out current fleet size by 35 percent. This fulfills the obligation of the Federation Council and gives us room to build up more. I will be reorganizing Starfleet with General Phillips reorganizes the Corp. While our size will drop our numbers will not. This all has to do with the reorganizations we are starting. Starfleet will be stronger then ever before.

Starfleet Under the Blackjack Plan

  • 1st through 10th Fleets established. Each with a set duty. Ships are switched from Fleet to Fleet depending on duty.
    • 1st Fleet - Defense of Earth and surrounding sectors.
    • 2nd Fleet - Defense of Vulcan and surrounding sectors
    • 3rd Fleet - Defense of Andor and surrounding sectors
    • 4th Fleet - Defense of Cait and surrounding sectors
    • 5th Fleet - Stationed on Romulan Neutral Zone
    • 6th Fleet - Stationed on Klingon Neural Zone
    • 7th Fleet - Exploration Fleet
    • 8th Fleet - Mobile Fleet - Rapid response to threats.
    • 9th Fleet - Mobile Fleet - Rapid response to threats.
    • 10 Fleet - Auxiliary Fleet - Medical Ships, Combat Support Tenders and other Support vessels.



President Ra-ghoratreii

Admiral William Smillie

Admiral John “Blackjack” Harriman

Possibly the most militant Admiral in Federation History. He was known to the Marine Corp as the “Maroon Marine” referring to the color of his Starfleet Uniform. Many historians, scholars and fleet officers agree Starfleet because what it is today from his actions, chiefly the Blackjack Plan. He turned the Fleet from a primarily exploration organization into a full military structure.

Federation Security Council

The Federation Security Council is the final authority on Starfleet, the Marine Corp, and all military affairs in the Federation. It is made up of the Commander In Chief, Starfleet; The Commandant of the Marine Corp; three Federation Council members and the other posts vary. Under Blackjack Harriman all three Council members were pro-Starfleet supports and all other posts were filled by people loyal to him.