Simplified Rank Chart

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UFS Rank Chart - All TIG starts from the last Rank Date

Enlisted Ranks / TIG



Entry Rank

Crewman Recruit

Crewman Recruit

1 Month

Crewman Apprentice


1 Month

Crewman 3rd Class

Private 1st Class

2 Months

Crewman 2nd Class

Lance Corporal

3 Months

Crewman 1st Class


4 Months

Petty Officer 3rd Class

Sergeant (SSGT)

6 Months

Petty Officer 2nd Class

Staff Sergeant

9 Months

Petty Officer 1st Class

Gunnery Sergeant

Minimum 12 Months

Chief Petty Officer

Master Sergeant

Minimum 12 Months

Senior Chief Petty Officer

1st Sergeant

Minimum 12 Months

Master Chief Petty Officer

Minimum 12 Months

Sergeant Major

Billet,Not a Rank

Master Chief Petty Officer of the 'X' Fleet

Billet,Not a rank

Master Chief Petty Officer of UF Starfleet

Sergeant Major of the UFSMC

Officer Ranks / TIG



Entry Rank

Ensign (ENS)

2nd Lieutenant (2LT)

3 Months

Lieutenant (JG) (LT. (JG))

1st Lieutenant (1LT)

3 Months

Lieutenant (LT)

Marine Captain (MCAPT)

6 Months

Lieutenant Commander (LTCMDR)

Major (MAJ)

9 Months

Commander (CMDR)

Lieutenant Colonel (LCOL)

12 Months

Captain (CAPT)

Colonel (COL)

15 Months

Fleet Captain (FCAPT)

Brigadier (BDR)

20 Months

Commodore (COMM)

Brigadier General (BGEN)

25 Months

Rear Admiral (RADM)

Major General (MGEN)

30 Months

Vice Admiral (VADM)

Lieutenant General (LGEN)

36 Months

Admiral (ADM)

General (GEN)

All TIG starts from the last Rank Date.