Step-by-Step Cadet Worksheet

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Important Notes


This page is here to explain to the new member of UFS on how to proceed from the moment after you joined UFS. There isn't all that much to do. Now all you need to do is take and pass the Officer Candidate Training School, or OCTS in short.

To be able to take that single exam you need to read and understand the UFS Membership Handbook which you can find under this link:

After you have read the handbook you can follow this link here to go to the open book exam of the OCTS.

There is no time limit on that exam and you can keep the handbook open if you want to. After you have provided us with a name and a valid email address and after you have answered all 40 questions you will get an email from one of our staff informing you of your grade and if you have passed or failed the exam. You will be contact within 48 hours. Mostly much faster then that. There is a minimum of 80% to pass the exam, or 32 correctly answered question out of the 40.

After you have passed the exam with one of the three level we have for passing (PASS, With Honors, With Distinctions) you will be granted the status of Ensign within the UF Starfleet.

If you have signed up with a chapter already the chapter might require you to take more courses and exams to be allowed on their ship or station as a fully active member.

The UFS Academy offers a very wide range of classes covering multiple fields of study. We have degree programs, awards for certain numbers of classes taken, and are always working on expanding the database to enhance every member’s knowledge and “Trek” experience.

Members within the metaverses are required to take a minimum number of classes through the UFS Academy before being permitted to role play on a ship or station. Please refer to the UFSA Cadet Handbook for more information regarding these requirements.

There are multiple ways of how to take a class. You can attend a class in a metaverse, such as Second Life, by actually being in a classroom with your avatar; you can attend to the classes at our Academy Online, which can be found through the UFS Database, or you can request the materials via email from our staff if you prefer the studies to be completed through email.

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your CCO or any of the following UFSA leadership team members:

You can also contact us in a metaverse via instant message (IM) or through the UFS Forum via private message (PM). We will do everything in our power to help you and to get back to you as soon as possible.