Submitting Completed Courses

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As an instructor you are responsible to ensure that your students are properly credited for taking a given course.

After you are done teaching an Academy class or course you must collect the tests from the students and assemble them into a folder.

  • The folder should be named as STARDATE - Course name - Instructor.
  • For example: 070316 - Introduction to UF STARFLEET - Zed Drebin
  • Each Notecard within the folder should be named STUDENT NAME - STARDATE- course name - PASS/FAIL.
  • For example: Zed Drebin - 070316 - Basic Security Course - PASS

The leading stardates on folders are very important because when they are passed to my inventory they float to the top if they have a leading number. Having the student name first in the file name make it easy to copy and paste the information into a notecard or spreadsheet for reporting. Also, the stardates are an important part of the record keeping process for Command.

Obviously the correct spelling of each student's name is important. When you send a completed course The Alumni Forum will be updated with the names of the students that have passed the class.

If the class you are teaching does not have a test then send me a properly named folder with a notecard containing the names of the students in the class.

Send the folder to the Academy Commandant or their appointed designate.