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Summerislian Female

Submitted by: LTCMDR Valerius Swansong, XO, USS Shogun

Name: Summerislians

Home Position: Summerisle 57.68 LY Trailing from Pinastri

Class: Bipedal Humanoid

Conditional Notes: Scientific and technological levels comparable to UFS.

Society Classification: Although a largely peaceful, agrarian culture, the Summerislians had entered into ritual sacrifice to power their technologies for ensuring their crops.

Society Government System: Semi-Democratic hierarchy, monotheistic worship of deity known as "Sumer Is Icumen In"

Date of Contact: 101023

Other Notes: Peaceful, but untrustworthy.

History and Other Information:

Recommendations: The Summerislians require some assistance in planetary management and may be able to provide information on their Agrarian technology which is ahead of current Federation levels. A Science and Engineering team should be dispatched to assist their world and to include diplomats to open a dialogue for treaty negotiations.