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Biographical information Photo
Name: Tarl Karu (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 1972 (413) Tarl Karu.jpg
Species: Human, Enhanced Place of Birth: North Carolina, Earth, Sol System, Alpha Quadrant
Nationality: Federation Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: Federation Standard English, Gorean
Physical information
Height: 2.0066 m Weight: 117.5 kg
Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Blue
Blood type: A+ Medical Restrictions: None
Religion: Christian
Other Important Medical Information: Non-standard blood markers make his blood incompatible with other humanoids.
Other Identifying marks/Features: None
Maritial Status: Single Spouse None
Children Jacob Karu, Missing Mother Vella Karu, Deceased
Father Mathew Karu, Missing Siblings None
Starfleet Records
Service Number: SSN00115 Branch: UF Starfleet Marine Corps
Rank: Major Position: Marine
Current Assignment: USS Chester W. Nimitz Security Clearance: Beta - 1, Level -6
Status: Inactive
Tarl was born in a small town in central North Carolina in the old United States of America. After his father disappeared when he was 6, Tarl's mother fostered his academic education and his love of sports. After graduation from North Carolina State University with a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, Tarl joined the United States Marines as an officer in their new electronic warfare division. Tarl excelled at being a Marine. He loved both the physical workout and the mental challenge he got from defending his country from electronic threats. One day while on leave, Tarl was hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains of his home state of North Carolina when he stumbled across a small package on his trail. After carefully investigating the package he opened it to find it was intended for him. Inside this package was a ring and letter from his missing father. The letter explained to Tarl that his father was actually from another planet, a world his father called Counter-Earth or Gor in the planet's native language. The letter went on to explain that he had left Tarl's mother on Earth to raise him in order to protect him from the harshness of Gor. But now the time had come when he had to call upon his son's help to defend his city from invaders. Tarl went to sleep that night with many questions in his mind, and was surprised to awaken to see his father's face leaning over him. While Tarl will only tell bits and pieces of his time on Gor, he does mention that he returned to Earth a few times over his period of time on Gor to leave manuscripts with an old friend to have them published as novels. During the later part of his time on Gor he simply says that his friends the Priest-Kings would transport the manuals back to Earth for him. Offical records show that Tarl Karu was reported AWOL from the US Marines and was declared legally dead on January 1st, 2012. Tarl spent over 350 years on Gor establishing his reputation under several assumed names and eventually returned to the Priest-Kings to ask them to return him to Earth as he had grown bored with life on Gor. Having served their plans for protection of the World of Gor faithfully, the Priest Kings did return Tarl to Earth, an Earth he had never seen before.

The Earth had been through a violent time, a third world war, the eugenics war, and then the discovery of life on other planets. Tarl found it fascinating that with all the higher evolved species that had visited Earth, none of them had ever discovered the Counter Earth, he figured this was due to the protections the Priest-Kings had laced around the planet to protect it from invaders after the defeat of the Kur. Tarl created a new identity for himself and enrolled in the United Federation Starfleet Academy. Once again his love for academics propelled him through his class, catching the eye of a few of his professors. When Tarl graduated he joined the Corps of Engineers where he went to work on building systems for new starships. Still taking a few academy courses when his schedule would allow, he found the classes from the United Federation Starfleet's Marine Corps exceptionally interesting. This was a part of Starfleet that fought to restore the Honor and principles of his old United States Marine Corps. Tarl requested a transfer to the Marine Corps and it was granted. Now Tarl serves the Marine Corps with Pride as the Commanding Officer, Training and Doctrine Command where he uses his knowledge of the "old ways" to hone and shape the Marines into the best fighting force in the Universe.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Retirement - 100406
  • Return to Active Duty - 100418
  • LOA: 45 Days:100612 to 100726
  • LOA - 100729 - 100810
  • Retired 110115
  • Return to Active Duty 110607
  • 090729 - Entered UFS Academy
  • Academy Graduation: 090825
  • Transferred to Engineering: 090825
  • Asst Dean, College of Engineering UFSA: 090906 to 090930
  • Transferred to the Marine Corps:090930
  • Pinastri Marines Recalled to HQ, Athena Station: 091002
  • TRACOM XO: 091008 to 100104
  • TRACOM CO, Athena: 100104 to 110110
  • Dean of the College of Special Warfare, UFS Academy (SB): 100904 to 110110
  • Adjunct, SS Athena: 110607 to 111129
  • Deputy Commandant of the UFSMC,SS Tranquility: 111129 to Present
  • Marine,USS Chester W. Nimitz:120221 to Present
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • Introduction to Leadership: 090730d
  • Introduction to United Federation Starfleet: 090730В
  • Protocols and Procedures: 090730
  • Introduction to UFS Academy: 090805
  • UFS Ethics: 090805
  • Introduction to Diplomacy: 090809
  • Prime Directive 1: 090811
  • Introduction to UFS Honor Guard: 090815
  • Orders and Directives: 090801
  • Chain in Command: 090903
  • Effective delegation: 090907
  • UFSA Class Authors Guide: 090903
  • Simulator Training: 090731
  • Simulator Training: 090801
  • Simulator Training: 090803
  • Simulator Training: 090804
  • Simulator Training: 090804
  • Personal & Intraship Communications: 090805
  • Simulator Training: 090807
  • Simulator Training: 090810
  • Simulator Training: 090814
  • Introduction to SFC: 090815
  • Introduction to UFS Operations: 090801
  • Bridge Duty Stations: 090803
  • Alien Languages 101: 090822
  • Goundschool: 090823
  • Flight 101: 090823
  • Introduction to Communications: 090912
  • FTL Travel: 090731
  • Introduction to UFS Engineering: 090731
  • EPS Technology: 090809
  • Transporter Certification: 090809
  • Scripting 101: 090815
  • Introduction to ASDB Shipyards: 090917
  • Workbee Operations: 091028
College of Medical Sciences College of Academy Sciences College of Galactic Sciences
  • Psychological Factors of Humans in Space: 090803
No records on file. No records on file.
College of Security Sciences College of Cultural Studies College of History
  • Introduction to UFS Security: 090801
  • Starship Security Systems I: 090803
  • Starship Security Systems II: 090805
  • Starship Security Systems III: 090805
  • Federation Law 101: 090807
  • History of Law Enforcement: 090807
  • Arrest, Restraint & Detention: 090811
  • Legends of Security: 090813
  • Security Organizations: 090815
  • Religion & Belief Systems: 090729
  • Kazon Collective: 090729
  • Introduction to United Federation of Planets: 090731
  • Borg 101: 100204
  • History of UFS: 090729
  • History of UFS II: 090729
  • The Big E - Part I: 090731
  • The Big E - Part II: 090731
  • History of Starships I: 090801
  • The Dominion War: 090801
  • The Maquis: 090801
  • Temporal History: 090815
TRACOM Educational History Weapons Qualifications
  • Weapons Theory: 090813
  • Type II Hand Phaser Training: 090815
  • TR-116 Rifle Training: 090815
  • Marine Basic Entry Course: 090823
  • Jump Theory: 090825
  • Jump 101: 090825
  • Education History.
  • 100108 - Type II Hand Phaser, Expert
  • 100108 - TR-116 Rifle, Sharpshooter
  • 100108 - F-9000 Marine Assault Phaser Rifle, Expert
Promotion History Awards
  • R-c1.png Cadet 4th Class: 090729
  • R-c2.png Promoted to Cadet 3rd Class: 090803
  • R-c3.png Promoted to Cadet 2nd Class: 090811
  • R-c4.png Promoted to Cadet 1st Class: 090818
  • Y-o1.png Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant : 090825
  • G-o1.png Assigned to UFS Marine Corps: 0900930
  • G-o2.png Promoted to 1st Lieutenant: 091114
  • G-o3.png Promoted to Marine Captain: 100216
  • G-o4.png Promoted to Major: 101024
  • Ribbons, Awards & Devices

Greyribbon.pngBronze StarRibbon of Valor2.pngPrestigious Service AwardGreyribbon.png UFSA avievement ribbon.pngTun Tavern Award.png Semper Fidelis Cross 1.pngCombat Service.pngRed Sun Rising Campaign Ribbon.png

UFS Weapons Proficiency
Marksman Sharpshooter Expert
TR116 Sharpshooter
Phaser Type II Expert
Medical History Reprimands
No records on file. No records on file.