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Task Force1.png
'First line of Defence'
Task Force One
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet
*Founded: 2387
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri
*Homebase: SS Tranquility
Fleet Command
*Fleet Commander: Thallanor Rasmuson
*Fleet Executive Officer: Vacant


Task Force One is generally the TF that is in charge of protecting the Core System. Its Port of Call is the Ournal Class Starbase SS Tranquility which serves as the central hub for UFS Command and UFS Fleet Operations, orbiting the world of Pinastri Prime.

Task Force One consists of 5 other "player controlled" chapters and a supply of NPC Ships are also available for added mission support.


Task Force One was created when UFS Command realised the need for added protection of the Pinastri System from external threats. With increasing Hirogen attacks, UFS had been somewhat crippled and was in the process of a swift recovery. Chief of Starfleet Operations, Commodore Kermie Mistwallow discussed with Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun about reorganising the Fleet in separate Task Force's in order to increase protection and spread out the ships more effectively.

Fleet Admiral Calhoun agreed to this proposal and Commodore Mistwallow and his vice, Lieutenant Leo Ravenheart began to reorganise the Fleet with the emphasis on being able to defend Pinastri more effectively. Several new Task Force Elements were created instead of the traditional Fleet who's port of call were often in the Pinastri System, for example, the SS Helmut Kohl in Sector 009H became the Port of Call for Task Force 3 thus allowing for a greater line of defense around the Pinastri System and having ships spread out further in the interests of exploration but still be able to return if UFS needed to muster.

Task Force One was born out of the 1st Fleet with the prestigious SS Tranquility as its port of call, protecting the Pinastri System.

Fleet Command Staff

UFS Command Personnel

Task Force 1 Command Personnel

  • Task Force Executive Officer - Vacant
  • Task Force Operations Officer - Vacant

Fleet Elements

SS Tranquility - Command Operations

SS Tranquility serves as home for the entire of Task Force One. Under the command of Commander Thallanor Rasmuson SS Tranquility is considered the singular most important outpost in United Federation Starfleet. Formally Cascade Station, SS Tranquility both protects and serves the planet of Pinastri Prime and the thriving colony on the surface.

Regarded by many as the "Jewel at the Core of UFS", SS Tranquility is a force to be reconciled, it is also responsible for guiding the many visiting alien and starfleet vessels which approach the Pinastri System, especially directing shuttle traffic to and from the surface of Pinastri Prime. This Starbase also houses United Federation Starfleet Command and the Marine Aerospace Branch making it singularly one of the most important and crucial stations in UFS.

USS Veracruz - Exploration Operations

The USS Veracruz is a fully equipped Allegiance Class Starship, one of the more unique ships in United Federation Starfleet. Commanded by Captain Kinney Randt, former Commanding Officer of SS Tranquility, and Executive Officer, Commander Aryela Dagger, the Veracruz is a leading force of exploration and discovery around the Core Pinastri System.

The mission of the USS Veracruz is one of exploration, pushing the boundaries of explored space around the Pinastri System. Although the Veracruz's mission is one of peace, to seek out new civilisation, the ship is more then capable of handling itself or returning to the core system to protect Pinastri Prime and SS Tranquility starbase from an attack.

Pathfinder Research Facility - Research and Scientific Operations

Nestled on a hillside on the main UFS colony of Pinastri Prime sits Pathfinder Research Facility, one of the most decorated scientific facilities in United Federation Starfleet. A state of the art complex of offices and laboratory facilities, with a wide array of functions. Pathfinder remains at the forefront of research scientific operations with the entire of United Federation Starfleet.

Under the command of Captain AndromedaStJohn Aeon, an accomplished scientist within United Federation Starfleet and Executive Officer Commander Josie Sauber Pathfinder has seen some of its most detailed and interesting missions. Being a planetary, ground-based research facility, Pathfinder is expanding the boundaries about what we know about the Pinastri System and its previous inhabitants, the mysterious Rajans.

USS Banshee - Deep Space Tactical Exploration Operations

The USS Banshee is an Akira Class Starship which has been restored to its original role as a Heavy Torpedo Cruiser and Tactical Carrier. Under the command of Commander Jamie Czavicevic, an accomplished UFS tactician and Lieutenant Commander Millenia Infinity, the USS Banshee is the protector of Task Force One. The Banshee is a capable vessel, packing a large array of offensive fire-power and with the addition of the 158th Marine Detachment who help to defend the ship and pilot the fighters, the Banshee is a serious force to be reckoned with.

Currently the USS Banshee has been assigned to the ruins of the Borg Unimatrix after unconfirmed sightings of Borg activity in the region, being so close to Pinastri. The Banshee remains prepared for battle and always vigilant in case the dreaded Borg return to threaten Pinastri Prime once again but also serves in the capacity of a Tactical Deep Space Exploration Vessel, exploring the boundaries of known space in the Delta Quadrant.

USS Cochrane - Exploration Operations

Named for the famed Doctor Zefram Cochrane, the creator of Warp Drive, the Oberth Class Refit, USS Cochrane has a long serving history with both Starfleet in the Alpha Quadrant and the Delta Quadrant. Despite its size and lack of powerful defenses in comparison to the larger more powerful Galaxy and Sovereign Class starships, the USS Cochrane served faithfully during the Dominion War being decorated for valor several times. The first Cochrane to bear the name sustained heavy damage during the Battle of Excalibur, showing Starfleet the error in refitting such an old spaceframe. The USS Halcyon, a Nebula Class Starship which was in Excalibur Yards before the EDC invasion was chosen to replace the irreparably damaged Cochrane, carrying on it's legacy.

The USS Cochrane, NCC 59318-A is currently under the command of CO, Commander Lan Nakajima, and is tasked with the exploration of the sectors neighboring the Pinastri Sector while remaining within emergency recall range should the need arise.

USS Aviator-A - Exploration and Support Operations

The previously thought lost flagship of United Federation Starfleet made a triumphant return to Pinastri Prime with no crew aboard after the USS Veracruz recovered it. The Aviator-A is a Vesta Class Starship and one of the most advanced starships that United Federation Starfleet has to offer. The Aviator-A was recovered in late May of 2387 and subject to an extensive refit before command was given to Captain Azalyna Resident and the Aviator-A was recommissioned.

While no longer the prestigious flagship of UFS due to the construction of the USS Taylorholic Durant, designed to replace the missing Aviator after it was lost for almost five months, the USS Aviator-A is still a capable vessel and the only one with a capable Quantum Slipstream Drive prototype aboard which was believed to be lost along with the ship. The Aviator-A continues to play a support role within Task Force One, proving its worth both as an exploration vessel and as a tactical vessel.