Task Force Dyson

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Task Force Dyson
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet
*Status: Active
Fleet Command
*Fleet Commander: Kristoff Jameson
*Fleet Executive Officer: Vacant


The Solanae Dyson Sphere is a Dyson sphere with a radius of approximately 1 astronomical unit around a brown dwarf star located in the Delta Quadrant close to the border to the Beta Quadrant. While parts of it are occupied by the Voth trying to exploit the Sphere's automated production of Omega Particles, the Dyson Joint Command, an alliance of Federation, Klingon and Romulan Republic forces, claimed an adjacent area to battle the Voth threat. The Solanae Dyson Sphere is the site of both, a space adventure zone as well as a ground and a space "battlezone" occupied by the Undine.


  • The Sphere was built by the Solanae, an Iconian servitor race, approximately 200,000 years ago. It was commissioned as an Iconian staging base when they were forced to abandon their homeworld after its orbital bombardment. The Sphere was capable of housing large armadas, sustaining a vast population, and traveling vast distances across the galaxy through subspace via a "jump" ability fueled by Omega Particles generated by the Sphere itself.
  • When the Solanae activated the Sphere, a large scale industrial accident occurred which generated large amounts of tetryonic energy and significantly reduced the energy output of the Sphere's central star. The effect on the star can be inferred by the spires dotted across the interior surface of the Sphere being optimized for a different spectral band than the one produced by the star. It is implied that this accident changed the molecular structure of the surviving Solanae, forcing them to retreat into subspace to survive. The accident forced the Iconians to abandon the Sphere due to its flaws and left large amounts of residual tetryon particles which are still detectable in the present day.
  • In 2409, the Federation detected a 2 AU-wide region of "blank space" in the Delta Quadrant using the MIDAS array. At a distance of 30,000 light years from Sol, the long-range science vessel U.S.S. Callisto was located close to the anomaly and being rerouted to its position. Looking at the same region of space, a sensor network of the Romulan Republic detected high concentrations of boronite, sarium, carbon-60 and kelbonite amongst others.

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