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Why Use Forums?

I've heard so many cadets and officers say, "I don't do forums."

If you don't read the forums you are missing out on a wealth of information and a chance to connect on a deeper level with the other members of Starfleet. I want to help you overcome your feelings of being overwhelmed and teach you to navigate the forums in the most simple way possible.

But first... why should you care about the forums? If you are wandering around Starfleet wondering what's going on, you need the forums. Valuable information and announcements are posted there every single day. The Admiral uses it to communicate to us all. That in itself makes the forums valuable! You get to connect with others... read personal logs, get the details on missions, and offer your own experiences and opinions.

"But it's so overwhelming?!"

I know. I've been there, staring at thread after thread and not knowing what to read. However, if you follow my simple way of managing things, you will find that you can conquer the forums and become a contributing member.

Easy Steps

  • First, go to the main forums page. Make sure you are logged in. As shown in this screen shot, click the words to the left that say, "Show unread posts since last visit"

Posts Unread.jpg

  • Next, you'll notice there are pages and pages of things to be read. Don't worry about that. As shown in this screenshot, click the tab that says, "Mark all messages as read"

Mark Read.jpg

TA DA! All the overwhelming posts vanish.

Future Forum Use

Now, the next time you return to the forums, you will do the exact same thing. Click the Show all unread, but you will notice that there are only recent posts. If you check in once a day there should be no more than one or two pages of threads. Much easier to navigate!! And... when you are done reading ONLY the ones that interest you, you click Mark All As Read.

Happy Forum Reading!!!

LT Winter Rexen
Head of Personnel
Gamma CCO