UF Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon

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UF Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
UF Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
Extended Tour 2 AwardsUF Starfleet Extended Tour 3 AwardsUF Starfleet Extended Tour 4 AwardsExtended Tour Ribbon - 5 AwardsExtended Tour Ribbon - 10 AwardsExtended Tour Ribbon - 15 AwardsExtended Tour Ribbon - 20 AwardsExtended Tour Ribbon - 40 AwardsExtended Tour Ribbon - 60 Awards
Awarded by UF Starfleet Personnel
*Award Type: Ribbon
*Eligibility: Active UFS Starfleet Members
*Awarded For: Presented to UFS Personnel who fulfilled or exceeded an obligatory Tour of Duty
*Combat/Non-Combat: Non-combat
*Status: Active
*Honor: Service Award
*Period: After completion of a Tour of Duty



The UF Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon is awarded to active UF Starfleet members who completed at least 6 months on the same duty assignement


This Ribbon came into service in late 2384 and replaced both the Starbase Assignement Ribbon and the Starship Assignment Ribbon

Addition of award to Service Jacket must be requested by member through the Service Jacket Update Request form after the completion of period of eligibility.

Notable Recipients