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UFSMC Aerospace.png
"Ex Astris Fortus"
UF Starfleet Marine Corps Aerospace
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet Marine Corps
*Founded: 2382
*Status: Active
*Location: Pinastri Sector, Delta Quadrant
*Homebase: UF Starfleet Marine Headquarters
Branch Staff
*Branch Commander: Penney Lancaster
*Vice Commander: Aragon cahill
*Aide de Camp: Vacant
Branch Structure

The UF Starfleet Aerospace Branch is the element of the Marine Corp charged with all atmospheric, sub orbital, and exo-atmospheric combat. Charged with a variety of tasks from supporting infantry troopers with transport and direct fire to combat with enemy aircraft.
Aerospace uses an array of craft to preform their missions, which is to support infantry, gain and maintain air supremacy in combat zones.
Our primer fighter craft, an icon often associated with Aerospace, is the Valkyrie.
For hardened targets we have the Peregrine Class bomber.
For Reconnaissance the agile and stealthy XXXX Class fighter.
For Transport we have the armored XXXX Class Troop Carrier.



UFS Marine Aerospace Awards

Air Groups

42nd Air Group

Current Aircraft

Aerospace Squadron.jpg

Carriers & Support Ships



  • Branch of the Month: April 2385


Headquarters Staff

UF Starfleet Marine Aerospace Branch
Marine Flight Commander G-o6.png Penney Lancaster
Deputy Marine Flight Commander G-o4.png Aragon cahill